May 25, 2024

LED Follow Spot Lights

Follow spot lights create a tight beam of light to highlight an actor in a theatrical or presentational production. They can also be used to illuminate scenic elements such as curtains, cycloramas or video screens.

When choosing a follow spot look for center-beam candle power (CBCP) or foot-candles specs, rather than just wattage. This is because different bulb types (follow spots, PAR cans, Fresnels, Led Follow spot lights ellipsoidals) have very different output.

Extremely fast electronic strobe

A follow spot light is a must-have for any professional lighting system. They are used to highlight actors or props and give a dramatic effect to your performance. They can be controlled via a remote and have features like a color change and strobe speed. These lights are ideal for theatres, houses of worship, school stages, and ballrooms.

The LED Followspot 75ST is a portable light that uses a bright, white LED to emit a focused, hard-edged beam. It is designed for use in live entertainment situations and comes with a tripod stand to make setup and operation quick and easy. The mechanical lens controls keep the beam tight and crisp, and rear panel buttons let you select colors, intensity, and a strobe effect. The LED Followspot also has a built-in CTO filter to lower the color temperature and match tungsten sources.

Another great feature of this follow spot is the onboard DMX control. With a simple connection to your DMX controller, you can control all of the onboard functions, including color, intensity, and the built-in strobe effect. Having the ability to control these important functions from your lighting board will free up your spotlight operators, so they can focus on tracking actors and delivering well-timed cues. The LED Followspot also has slick, smooth LED dimming and a mechanical iris to reduce the size of the beam.

Super smooth LED dimming

Due to global microchip shortage and related shipping issues, some items may be experiencing fulfillment delays. Please contact us for up to date availability.

The Chauvet DJ LED Followspot 75ST is a compact LED-powered followspot that utilizes a 75-watt white LED for a hardedge, focused beam. Designed for ease of use, it comes with a tripod that makes setup and teardown just led flood lights a few seconds each. The fixture also offers extreme fast electronic strobe and silent operation with no moving parts, while super smooth LED dimming simplifies professional fading. A single Gobo slot is available for customizing your beam.

This is a great LED followspot for those who need full-sized followspot performance that can be taken anywhere. It includes a tripod, and mechanical lens controls for focus and iris.

Onboard DMX control

Follow spot lights are a theater spotlight used to highlight and track performers at distances. They are typically controlled by a follow spot operator who uses a remote control to set and manipulate the focus of the beam. These lights use a special lens to project a hard-edged, focused light, which follows a performer or actor at any distance. They also have a built-in fast electronic strobe to provide a powerful lighting effect and offer excellent LED dimming capabilities.

The FS600LED from ADJ is a modern 60W LED follow spot with 8 colors, variable strobe speed and dimming capabilities. This unit stays cool, operates with a 3-pin and 5-pin DMX protocol and consumes only 80W of power. It features an adjustable Iris and shutters for manual framing. Its advanced LED technology allows it to throw spot beams at 18deg or 26deg and stay cooler than traditional metal halide follow spots.

Chauvet DJ has taken the traditional follow spot to a whole new level with this compact LED version. This fixture is smaller, lighter, cooler, and more flexible than a typical incandescent followspot and is easier to transport. It sets up in seconds with the included tripod stand and is easy to operate. With mechanical lens and focus controls and a variety of rear panel buttons for choosing your colors, intensity, and a strobe mode, it is loaded with essential features for any situation.

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