July 20, 2024

A Mini Moving Head Is a Versatile LED Lighting Fixture For Stage and Concert Performances

A moving head is a versatile LED lighting fixture that’s widely used in the entertainment industry. Theatres and concert venues use them to add spotlighting, colour effects, gobos, and movement to their shows.

They’re also used in nightclubs and DJ sets to energise the dance floor. They’re energy-efficient and can offer a vast colour range.


A mini moving head’s beam provides a focused spot of light for special effects. This can be used in combination with other lighting effects to create larger visuals. The beam can be narrow or wide depending on the application and the fixture’s features. For example, a linear frost filter can create hybrid wash effects and a built-in shutter can produce high-speed strobe effects. The beam can also be adjusted manually with the iris and automated lens trains. A pattern wheel with rotating gobos can project images for spinning effects and an animation wheel can create special dynamic flame or ripple effects. A color-mixing filter allows for more subtle color changes through subtractive color mixing.

The G-1 Beam is a powerful battery-powered moving head with a defined beam of light that can be programmed with a variety of internal presets. It can be used wirelessly without the base unit or installed with a base unit for power supply versatility. This makes it a perfect choice for outdoor events and installations. Its durability and watertight IP65 rating keep it safe from externally induced particles, liquids and corrosion on internal optics and light sources. The light is a great solution for stage productions, TV shows and car shows.


LED moving wash lights are often used for stage lighting and theater performances, but they can also be used in clubs mini moving head and bars. These types of lights have a wider lens than moving spotlights and are meant to wash a larger area of the floor, so they’re great for lighting up entire sections of a venue.

They have a variety of effects, colors and surface coverage options, so you can easily find one that fits your space. Some of the higher-end models offer RGB LED color mixing, allowing you to create a wide range of colors. This can be helpful if you want to create different themes for different events at the same venue.

Our mini LED wash moving heads are available either wireless or wired, and they can be installed with a base or without one. This makes them versatile and easy to transport, no matter the type of event you’re hosting.

If you’re using a wired fixture, the G-1 Wash features patent-pending position preset programming for quick and easy setup. This allows you to get started quickly and save time when preparing for your next show. It is designed for any type of outdoor event or smaller venues that need a small moving head that offers high output and uniform colors from a distance.


A hybrid moving head is a fixture that has all the functions of a beam, spot and wash in one. This allows a light show designer to use fewer fixtures and save on both power and space. In addition, it gives the lighting designer more creative freedom. These features make the hybrid moving head an ideal choice for many venues.

A great option for any DJ’s or venue looking to step into the world of synchronized lights, a hybrid moving head offers a variety of effects and color options. It also has an intelligent DMX mode, which makes it easy to control without a separate controller. ElectroMarket offers a wide selection of hybrid moving heads from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, so you can find the right one for your next gig or event.

While Hybrid Moving Heads can be used in a variety of settings, they are especially popular for nightclubs and bars. They are able to transform the ambiance of these venues with their dynamic movement and vibrant colors. They are also often used in architectural lighting, highlighting the beauty outdoor led display manufacturers of buildings and bridges. These versatile, lightweight fixtures can be controlled manually or synchronized with other lighting effects to create stunning performances. They are also ideal for enhancing the visuals at sporting events and concerts.

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