July 20, 2024

Fabric Backlit Box Light Boxes for Retail Displays

Fabric light boxes are impressive illuminated signs that are ideal for trade show and conventions. They are also a popular choice for retail displays.

These backlit displays feature a sleek 4in white aluminum frame with seamless SEG push-fit fabric graphics that are backlit with LED lighting. They are available in double or single-sided configurations and in custom sizes.

Frameless Light Boxes

Fabric light boxes are a sleek and modern way to showcase printed graphics and messages that are easy to install, maintain, and change. They’re perfect for attracting passersby to retail stores, pulling shoppers into shopping malls, and displaying messages in hotel lobbies. They also enhance paintings and artworks decorating walls in homes.

Frameless fabric LED light boxes use Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) and perimeter LED lighting to display backlit imagery with a modern frameless look. The SEG is a thin silicone strip sewn around the edges of the fabric graphic that fits snugly into a channel grove along the edge of an aluminum frame extrusion. The result is a drum tight, wrinkle free graphic that’s evenly lit from behind.

The LED lighting illuminates the printed graphics from behind, accentuating every color detail and minimizing reflected light. This results in rich, vibrant, and eye-catching imagery that stands out among other signage.

Because frameless light boxes are lightweight, they’re also portable and easy to dismantle. They can be spliced into smaller sections for storage and reassembling at trade shows, events, and office displays. They’re also a great option for permanent storefront displays. These lightweight and durable lightboxes can be freestanding, wall mounted, suspended from a ceiling, or mounted on a stand. You can also order them in a variety of sizes and shapes, including single or double-sided, cubes, and custom options.

Non-Lit Frames

Unlike frameless light boxes, these frames do not have LED lighting sewn into the fabric. Instead, they use a strip of silicone that tucks into the fabric light box channel to create a backlit display. This allows the entire graphic to be harmoniously lit and simplifies installation. These frames are available in wall-mounted, ceiling suspended and freestanding designs.

Whether you’re looking for a simple poster print or an immersive large format experience, these light box displays are the perfect way to get your message noticed. They’re the choice of modern retailers including Apple, Nike and GAP for their ability to immerse customers in brand messaging while ensuring that the product itself is the focus.

Non-lit fabric SEG frames are also a great option for office spaces where they can transform empty walls into dynamic environments that inspire creativity and action. Origami Risk, a fabric backlit box leader in risk management software solutions, used 12 silicone edge graphics (SEG) to overhaul their offices and create an environment that is both professional and inviting. The result is a visually stunning space that will surely impress any visitor.

Silicone Beading

Unlike glass beads, silicone beads are flexible and can withstand high heat. They also resist fading or cracking and can be used in jewelry, toys, and other craft projects. They are especially useful for making teething necklaces and fidget items as they are safe to chew, non-toxic, and durable.

Silicone beads are also popular for jewelry making, and they can be melted into custom molds to create casted pieces. The flexible material makes it easy to remove the casted piece from the mold and also helps to avoid damage caused by pulling too hard on a piece of jewelry. Silicone beads can also be molded into molds to make soap, and they are often used in high-heat applications, such as automotive seals or gaskets.

Fabric silicone edge graphics (SEG) are a frameless version of backlit fabric displays that utilize a strip of silicone that tucks into a channel grove along the edge of the display frame for fast installation. The SEG light box has a sleek, wrinkle free appearance and offers superior color saturation that minimizes reflected light.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to silicone crafting, try starting with a simple project, like an infinity scarf or bracelet. This way, you can practice your new skills without risking any costly mistakes. Also, be sure to use a knot that’s strong enough for the project at hand – double-knots are preferred over single-strand ones. To ensure that your led backlit poster frame knots are as tight and fused together as possible, run them over a lighter to melt and fuse the fibers of the rope.


Fabric backlit light boxes are a bold, illuminating display trend that’s taking the retail world by storm. They’re used to showcase visuals of products or a campaign that immediately capture the attention of passersby. These displays are typically hung in shop windows and feature vibrant colors that offer deeper saturation than other types of signage.

The fabric graphic on these displays is called a silicone edge graphics (SEG). It’s a tension fabric that features a thin silicone strip sewn around its perimeter. It inserts into a groove along the edge of the light box frame for a taut, wrinkle free appearance. The edges of the fabric are printed using dye sublimation for a high color saturation that minimizes reflected light from the outside of the display.

LED backlit fabrics are typically produced on polyester which is ideal for dye sublimation printing and is durable enough to endure repeated use and harsh environments. Other compositions of fabric are also available but they may have limitations with regard to ink permeability and printability.

Fabric SEG light boxes are available in single or double-sided structures and can be custom sized to your exact specifications. They’re lighter and easier to set up than traditional light boxes and can be easily swapped out for the latest product launch, holiday promotion or other message.

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