July 20, 2024

Custom Neon Letters

Custom Neon Letters allow you to create impactful branding that captures the attention of pedestrians and customers alike. These illuminated signs can be customized in terms of size, font and color, providing maximum visibility both day and night.

Aside from traditional neon tubing, these signs are also available in LED versions that offer a classic look without the glass and gas. Choose from single or double line letters and multiple font styles for a personalized appearance.


Get the vintage neon letter vibe without the glass and gas with these LED-lit signs. Choose from a few basic colors to make your design shine.

Golden Yellow is a bold, rich color that grabs attention and conveys your message clearly. Orange creates a warm, inviting glow and builds brand recognition from restaurants to shops.

Red is a classic, eye-catching hue that can grab the attention of potential customers and spread your message to others. Pink is bright and eye-catching like Cotton Candy, yet soft and subtle as the name suggests. Color options vary by sign type and backing material.


There are a variety of fonts to choose from when designing your custom neon sign. The most important factor is the font’s impact and readability. It should be bold and eye-catching, especially in dimly Custom Neon Letters lit environments. It should also match the overall ambiance of your establishment. For example, a more elegant or sophisticated font would work well in an upscale bar or lounge, while a playful script font would be perfect for a charming bakery or bookstore.

If you’re going for a more modern look, sans-serif fonts are a popular choice. These sleek, contemporary fonts offer a more minimalist appeal, and they’re ideal for bringing your design to life in trendy cafes or fashion-forward boutiques. However, they may be a bit too plain and boring for more formal businesses.

For a more vintage feel, try out a retro font. These fonts pay tribute to classic neon signage, and they’re ideal for vintage diners or theaters that want to bring a touch of nostalgia to their decor. One such font is Sidecar, which evokes an old-world sense of glamour and elegance.

Alternatively, you can use fonts that are designed to look like actual neon lights. These fonts have all capital letters and feature rounded, tube-like strokes that emulate the look of real neon. Some fonts even come with graphic presets that allow you to achieve a particular neon look with ease. For example, the NEONTUBE neon sign font offers an authentic look that’s perfect for modern bars and lounges.


Custom neon signs offer a bespoke method for infusing a touch of singularity and sophistication into a desired ambiance. They can be used to personalize a domestic interior, establish a lively ambiance in a commercial setting or make a bold statement at an event. With a wide range of fonts, colors, and sizes available, you can find a sign that perfectly matches your personality and style.

The size of your Custom Neon Letters depends on the amount of information you want to display. For example, a sign that includes both an image and text will be larger than a sign that contains only text. However, most manufacturers can create a sign of any size you want.

When choosing the size of your Custom Neon Letters, keep in mind that you should consider the proportions of your wall. Custom Neon Advertising Signs You don’t want the sign to overwhelm the space, but you also want it to be visible and attractive. Balance is key, and the best way to find the right balance is to measure your wall space and imagine different placement options.

You can also choose to purchase an LED sign that comes pre-drilled and ready to hang. These signs are easy to install and are made with stainless steel return and clear or white acrylic face. They are odor-free, rust-resistant and fireproof.


Whether you’re looking to evoke the dazzling dazzle of the Roaring 20’s, bring a touch of retro cool into your home decor, or make a statement at a party, a custom neon sign is an irresistibly charming way to add a vivacious flair to your space. With a variety of fonts and colors to choose from, you can create a customized neon sign that perfectly aligns with your unique vision.

For those seeking a more modern and durable alternative to traditional glass neon, we also offer LED neon signs in various shapes and sizes. These flexible light up signs are made with transparent acrylic that can be bent and shaped into your desired design. They are also safer, more energy-efficient, and longer-lasting than traditional neon.

The customizable double line design of these LED signs is a popular look for numerous styles and décors. They’re great for adding a bright pop of color to walls and front windows, and they’re ideal for highlighting storefront names or logos.

Unlike traditional glass neon, LED signs are lightweight and don’t require any gas to operate. They’re also weather-resistant and odor-free, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to commercial uses, these versatile signs are a great choice for personal gifting. They’re a wonderful way to show someone you care, and they’re perfect for birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

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