July 20, 2024

Custom Neon Light Strips

Custom Neon Light Strips are an excellent option for a variety of settings. They are commonly used to light up movie theaters, restaurants and bars, retail stores, or to create personalized wall art.

The best thing about these lights is that they are shatter-resistant and use 80% less energy than traditional glass neon. They also come in a variety of colors and can be controlled with an app that can even synchronize to music.


Unlike traditional neon lights that require a custom fixture and high voltage transformer to operate, these LED strip lights are fully encased and come ready to plug in right out of the box. They are also safe to touch when powered on and will not produce any irritating fumes or gases.

Since they use LEDs, these strip lights are more energy-efficient than their glass counterparts and consume significantly less power. This helps to save on electricity costs, making them a great option for businesses that want to add some visual flair without increasing their utility bills.

They are also more durable than their glass counterparts, so they are a great choice for those who plan to use them in heavy-duty applications. These include illuminating buildings, signs, booths, and other commercial spaces. They are also ideal for use in art installations and other creative applications that require a flexible lighting source.

As with all electrical devices, it is important to handle these strip lights properly to prevent any potential hazards. To do so, make sure that the power supply is properly matched to the strip light’s requirements. Using an over-powered power supply can strain the LEDs, increasing the risk of overheating. This can lead to the formation of fire and burns, so it’s a good idea to check that other appliances or gadgets aren’t plugged into the same socket.


Neon light strips are an excellent choice for businesses that want to add a modern twist to their decor. These flexible, energy-efficient lights are available in a wide variety of colors and can be programmed to create dynamic lighting effects. They also produce less heat than traditional neon lights, so they are less prone to fire hazards.

LED neon strip lights are encapsulated in a silicone cover, making them dustproof, waterproof, and durable. They can be used in indoor and outdoor environments and are ideal for Custom Neon Light Strips creating custom signage, wall art, or even illuminating a bathroom mirror. They are perfect for restaurants, bars, clubs, retail stores, and office spaces.

The design of neon lights is based on glass tubes bent into various shapes to form letters, symbols, and designs. These tubes are sealed and filled with a specific gas, such as neon or argon, and have electrodes at each end connected to a power source. A high voltage electrical current is applied to the electrodes, which ionizes the gas and causes it to glow. Different gases emit different colors of light, with neon typically producing a reddish-orange glow and other gases creating blues, greens, or yellows.

LED neon lights are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional glass-based neon signs and provide a unique aesthetic without the hassle of maintaining glass tubes or finicky transformers. They are also safer than traditional neon because they produce less heat and don’t require the use of toxic or corrosive chemicals.

Low Energy Consumption

Unlike traditional glass neon signage, custom LED neon lights require significantly less energy for the same brightness and color intensity. This makes them an eco-friendly lighting option for both homes and businesses. This technology is also more cost-effective than a traditional neon sign, as it requires less maintenance and replacement of rare gases.

Neon strips and rope lights are a great way to highlight your storefront or add an eye-catching touch of flair to your home. They are also ideal for use in party decorations or as an alternative to a regular light fixture. However, it’s important to note that staring at any bright light source for an extended period of time can cause eye strain or even vision loss. To avoid this, it’s Custom neon indoor billboard recommended that you regularly check the quality of your lights and maintain appropriate lighting levels to prevent eye fatigue.

LED neon flex is easy to install, flexible, and comes in a variety of colors. It can be cut into almost any shape, and its curved surface eliminates hot spots or dots. Moreover, it’s durable and works well in outdoor conditions, making it a perfect alternative to traditional glass neon signage. Besides, it doesn’t contain mercury or rare earth elements, making it safer and healthier for the environment. It can also display a full spectrum of colors or a static color, and it’s fully dimmable for optimal brightness.

Environmentally Friendly

Neon lights have long been a staple of flashy commercial signage, but now they’re also a popular addition to modern residential interior design. From outlining artwork on living room walls to highlighting furniture, there are many creative ways to use neon lights.

These lights are easy to install and provide a beautiful illuminating effect in any space. The best part is that they require very little maintenance, making them a great choice for busy families or those with limited time.

The luminous glow from these lights is eye-catching and instantly draws the attention of guests and customers alike. They’re an excellent option for grabbing the attention of passersby in retail stores, restaurants, and bars. They’re also an ideal solution for enhancing the look of building facades and other outdoor areas.

Unlike traditional glass neon signs, LED neon lights do not require any chemicals or toxic gases to produce the iconic glow. Instead, they utilize modern PVC molding techniques to create the neon effect without any hazardous materials. This makes them a much safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to their glass counterparts.

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to frame your favorite piece of art or want to illuminate your home with a striking light fixture, LED neon lights are a stylish and affordable solution. Choose from a variety of shapes and colors to fit your needs. You can even order custom-made neon strips from Little Rae for a one-of-a-kind lighting solution that’s sure to take your home decor to the next level.

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