July 20, 2024

Customized Store Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs act as powerful magnets that draw in customers and entice them into your establishment. They offer a wide array of design options and can be customized to align with your brand aesthetic.

Backlit signs are dimensional signs that are illuminated from behind, creating a glowing effect. They’re ideal for businesses looking for a modern and sleek look.

Increased Visibility

Illuminated signs are eye-catching and readable at night, even from a distance. They convey your business is successful, vibrant and interesting, which entices people to stop and spend their money at your store or restaurant.

Lighted signage is especially important for businesses that operate outside of the traditional 9-5 workday. These types of stores often have to stay open later or during the winter when the days are much shorter, and lighted signage helps potential customers see that you are still open even after the sun goes down.

Lighted signage is also attractive in the daytime, offering a calming halo effect or Customized store illuminated signage a lively vintage neon look depending on the type of sign you choose. LED illuminated signs are becoming more popular due to their energy efficiency and longevity, reducing business costs by as much as 75 percent over traditional incandescent bulbs.

Increased Brand Recognition

Illuminated signs can serve as a powerful marketing tool by clearly conveying your company name, brand identity, and offerings to passersby. They also help build a sense of brand recall among your target audience, increasing the likelihood that they will visit your business again in the future.

The most popular illuminated sign options include neon, LED, and backlit signs. These sign types are versatile, offer a wide variety of design possibilities, and have the added benefit of lower energy consumption. This makes them a great option for businesses that want to promote their products and services with an environmentally-friendly solution.

Whether you are a real estate agent showcasing your listings at night, or a new coffee shop that is competing with the established chain brands in your town, illuminated signage can help you stand out from the crowd. They capture attention, make your brand recognizable at night, and entice people to step inside. Moreover, these signs are a cost-effective form of advertising and work for you 24/7. They are also durable and withstand rain, snow, wind, and direct sunlight.


Whether it’s a small coffee shop or a new thrift store competing with established chain stores in a strip mall, illuminated signs help businesses claim their space and attract customers by communicating both professionalism and personality. Luminous signage conveys this message even to passersby who don’t notice or recognize a brand logo, helping the company stand out in the mind of the consumer.

From back-lit signage to lightbox signs, lighted signage comes in all shapes and sizes. Often paired with POP displays, they’re used to make product images and information more eye-catching and prominent to increase sales. Lighted gondola headers are also popular, serving as an efficient way to highlight storefront services like the ATM or layaway counter.

The versatility of these lighted signs makes them a smart choice for retail and service businesses of all kinds. For example, they’re commonly found in the services sector, such as spas, theme parks, hotels and cafes, where they serve as a way to reinforce brand identity and promote their amenities. They’re also becoming increasingly common in homes, where they’re being used as a stylish accent to rooms and bars.

Low Maintenance

Illuminated signs serve as a round-the-clock advertisement for your business. They are visible at night or in bad weather, ensuring that your customers and clients can find you easily. They also reinforce Outdoor LED Neon Light Strip your brand image and help you make a memorable impression on people.

Depending on the type of sign you choose, illumination options can vary from traditional neon to sleek and energy-efficient LED signs. You can also opt for backlit signage, which is a more cost-effective way to highlight your logo or graphics. If you choose a backlit sign, consider using a durable material that will stand up to weather and wear and tear.

If you’re considering a custom illuminated sign, consult with a professional. They can guide you through the process of designing your sign and ensure that it meets all local regulations. They can also provide valuable insights into maintenance and energy efficiency. They can help you select the right material and mounting location while keeping factors like power source proximity and wall structure in mind. Moreover, they can also help you find a reputable installer who will install your illuminated sign safely and securely.


While illuminated signage can seem more costly than non-lighted signs, it offers a greater return on investment over time. These signs serve as a round-the-clock advertisement for businesses, catching the attention of new customers, reminding existing ones of products or services offered, and establishing brand recognition.

Moreover, lighted signs can be designed in many ways to match business objectives and the target demographic. From vintage aesthetics with neon signs to sleek modern designs with LEDs, there is an option to suit all business needs and budgets.

Plus, most lighted signs are made to last for years with minimal maintenance. The aluminum components of these signs are rust-resistant, and LED lights can last over 50,000 hours before needing replacement. They also come with a 5-to-10 year guarantee and only need mild cleaning to maintain their glow. If you have existing business signs, they can even be retrofitted with illumination components for cost-savings. This makes it a great choice for businesses seeking to expand their marketing without investing in an entirely new sign. Talk to a visual-communications studio to learn more about the options available.

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