July 20, 2024

Outdoor Neon Light Strip

Neon lighting is a timeless trend that appeals to a sense of nostalgia. Though not the most efficient, technologically speaking, it’s an effective way to add a pop of color and transform the ambiance in a space.

Our 24V contour neon flex light is a durable, waterproof alternative to traditional glass neon and can be molded into shapes for custom lighting applications. It also works with home automation or DMX controls to deliver customizable colors and dynamic light shows.

1. Versatility

An eye-catching LED neon strip light can serve many purposes, from illuminating restaurant signage to creating an awe-inspiring atmosphere for parties. Its versatility also makes it an ideal replacement for traditional Neon signs, with the added benefits of being more durable, energy efficient, and requiring less maintenance.

LED neon lights are encased in protective silicone or PVC, which helps them withstand the elements. They are resistant to dust, water, and corrosive chemicals, making them suitable for outdoor use.

These flexible LEDs use advanced semiconductor technology to convert electrical energy into visible light. They come in a variety of colors, including warm and cool white. Warmer temperatures produce a yellowish glow that’s cozy and inviting, while cooler temperatures emit bluer outdoor neon light strip tones that are more striking. They can also be used in RGB lighting for color-changing effects.

The flexibility of these LED strips also means that they can be molded into custom shapes. For example, the 24V 14 x 25 Contour Neon Flex can be shaped to outline shapes and lettering, making it ideal for creating unique accents in your business or event space. You can also choose a flexible LED neon strip with a glue-waterproof coating, which is perfect for use in wet areas. Just make sure to use non-conducting super glue and avoid exposing the internal connections to moisture.

2. Durability

Neon strip lights are ideal for a wide range of applications as they require less maintenance than other lighting solutions. They can be used to outline a garden feature, create vibrant signage and add a special touch to events.

They are designed to withstand harsh environments and abrasions. This makes them a safer and more durable option than traditional neon, which is susceptible to corrosion and can break easily. This is particularly important for outdoor use where the weather can be harsh and abrasive.

LED neon flex lights also offer better heat dissipation than their traditional counterpart, meaning they can operate in a wider temperature range and have a lower energy consumption. As a result, they can be used for a longer period of time and can save you money in the long run.

Unlike traditional neon, LEDs are safe to use and do not contain any harmful gases. In addition, they do not produce a lot of heat and are not fragile, making them a great choice for areas where people may be in close proximity to the light source.

LED neon flex is available in a wide range of colours, including warm white, which emits a yellowish hue of light that’s gentle on the eyes and perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere. It’s also available in bright white, which features bluer tones that are more striking and grab attention instantly. In addition, there are colour changing RGB and dynamic/animation pixel options to give you the ultimate lighting flexibility.

3. Energy Efficiency

Unlike traditional blown glass neon lighting, which consumes more power and generates a lot of heat, LED neon strip lights use less energy, making them a more efficient option for commercial spaces. Their low power consumption helps to cut down on electricity costs while also lowering maintenance and repair needs.

The flexible nature of LED neon strips makes them a versatile lighting solution for many different types of applications and environments. These lights can be used to create a range of eye-catching designs that are sure to grab the attention of customers and patrons. They can be installed in movie theaters, retail stores, restaurants, bars, and clubs to add a pop of color and a distinctive visual element to the space.

LED neon strip lights are also commonly used for art installations, allowing you Flexible Neon Light Strip to create unique lighting effects and designs that complement the artwork in your space. They can also be integrated into gaming and entertainment centers to enhance the overall experience of visitors.

When using LED neon strip lighting, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for installation and maintenance. For example, be careful not to over-bend the strip lights. This can damage the inner layers and potentially shorten their lifespan. Additionally, be sure to use a proper power supply that is compatible with the voltage and power requirements of the LED neon strip. Also, ensure that any connections are properly sealed and protected against moisture.

4. Customization

Unlike traditional glass neon signs, LED neon strip lights have a full body opal silicone encapsulation that protects them from moisture, dust and other environmental factors. This makes them a safer alternative for many applications where working with glass is not an option. The opal silicone material also offers better diffusion of LED hot spots, making the entire strip appear glowing from end to end.

Most LED neon light strips come with a variety of customization options for users to customize their lighting experience. This includes the color temperature, which is measured in Kelvin (K). Warmer temperatures produce a yellowish hue of light that creates a cozy and inviting environment. Cooler colors, on the other hand, offer bluer tones that can grab attention instantly. Additionally, some models also allow for RGB coloring and dynamic/animation pixel.

LED neon strips can be used for a wide range of applications in both residential and commercial spaces. These include interior coves, signage, and retail displays. They can also be used in entertainment venues and events to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, they can be used in automotive customization to add an eye-catching touch to vehicles.

The flexibility of these lights means that they can be twisted and bent into various shapes to create unique visual effects. For instance, they can be shaped into a curved or arched shape to highlight an architectural feature or to serve as a replacement for glass neon sign illumination.

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