July 20, 2024

Elation Pro Stage Lighting – Taking Your Production to the Next Level

The right lighting setup can take your production or event to the next level. But with so many options, how do you know which ones to choose?

Basic lighting theory involves using light to highlight performers and other stage elements. The right lights can transform a performance into an immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

Elation Professional

Founded in 1992, California-based Elation is an industry leader in conventional and intelligent LED lighting and atmospheric effects products for the Theatrical and Concert Stage, Rental, Production, Studio, Broadcast, House of Worship and Corporate AV markets. Their extensive line of ellipsoidal, moving head, PAR, fresnel and strip lighting is known for superior performance, excellent efficiency, and outstanding value. Full Compass’s lighting and design experts are ready to assist you in selecting the perfect Elation product to elevate your production.

The KL Profile FC RGBMA LED Zooming Ellipsoidal Light offers high-quality wash and beam output with a powerful RGBMA engine, optimized for the tunable white light requirements of film and TV sets. It features a wide array of saturated and pastel colors with quiet operation for a seamless workflow.

ADJ Lighting

From humble beginnings as a weekend warrior supplier of simple DJ effect lighting in East Los Angeles, ADJ has now grown into an international company with offices on five continents. The company is renowned for its reliable products, exceptional customer support and pro stage lighting innovation. It has recently pioneered a number of market-leading IP65-rated lighting solutions, with the likes of moving head luminaires, static washes, beam effects, audience blinders and strobes, plus DMX control hardware/software and LED video panels. It serves both the AVL rental and installation markets.

Many of the company’s LED-powered fixtures use advanced LED technology to save power, reduce excess heat and offer far longer lamp life than traditional discharge bulbs. The company has also introduced a variety of battery-powered fixtures, a boon for mobile entertainers who don’t have access to an electrical outlet.

The company’s Jolt Series of multifunctional strobe/wash fixtures – including the new Jolt Bar FXIP and Jolt Panel FXIP models – take things even further with IP65-rated weatherproof designs that allow these lights to be used safely in outdoor venues, such as outdoor events or even permanent installations in house of worships or other venues. Meanwhile, the ADJ LINK is a four-universe DMX controller that allows you to run lighting directly from an iPad. The app enables you to build scenes of parameters, which can be triggered at the push of a button.

Follow Spots

A follow spot is a narrow beam directional luminaire that allows the operator to track a performer with a spotlight. Follow spots are a theater staple and often used to highlight specific characters or actions on stage. They are also great for focusing the audience’s attention on performers who may otherwise be hard to see. They are usually stand mounted and operated by a technician.

When selecting a follow spot, it’s important to consider the throw distance of the light. This is because the spot needs to be able to cut through any other lighting that may be onstage and focus solely on the subject. If the throw is too short, it may not be possible to achieve this.

Additionally, it’s important to think about the size of the beam that will be projected. This will be determined by the type of lamp and color temperature of the fixture. In order to get the right look, it’s often necessary to use colored gels in the lantern, including a frost, in order to modify the color of the beam.

Many professional followspots are designed with a variety of features, including mechanical dimming shutters and manual focus. These features can make it easier to create a unique show that is both accurate and innovative. They can also mini led moving head help to increase the effectiveness of the follow spot by reducing the amount of power required to control it.

Laser Lights

Laser light is a type of entertainment lighting that produces bright beams that can be focused over long distances. It can be used in concerts and music performances to create captivating light shows that synchronize with the rhythm and mood of the music. It can also be used to create dazzling effects for theater productions and dance performances.

Laser lighting is also often used by DJs and nightclubs to add an element of visual excitement to their shows. It is a great way to attract the attention of audience members and make your show stand out from the crowd. The bright and intense colors of the laser beams can draw people’s attention to specific areas of the room. This can help them focus on the performance and create a memorable experience for the audience members.

When using lasers, it is important to follow local safety guidelines and ensure that no unauthorized persons are near the output of the laser system. Lasers can damage eye sight if the beams are too close and they must be kept away from reflective surfaces like mirrors or windows. It is also important to use the proper beam width for your location to avoid hitting people with the lasers.

Animated laser lights are a great addition to any event. They can be used to create mesmerizing effects for audiences and set the perfect ambiance for any performance or party. Lasers are also an effective tool for attracting attention and creating eye-catching logos at events.

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