July 20, 2024

LED Wash Lights for Stage and Concert Performances

Stand-out lighting is a cost-effective way to differentiate your carwash from unlit competitors and deliver an amazing first impression that they can’t match. It’s also a great way to market profitable services and increase your wash site’s revenue.

LED wash lights can be synchronised with a DMX system to perform a variety of effects, colours and shows. Many of the uplighting wall washers we stock offer this capability, with options that include:

Colour Options

Wash lights are a crucial element of stage and concert lighting, adding depth, drama, and energy to performances. These versatile LED light fixtures can produce a wide spectrum of colors without gel filters, and they can also be controlled through DMX interfaces to create dynamic effects. This allows them to be synchronized with music, video, and other performance elements.

Sweetwater offers a broad selection of LED wash lights to help you get the most out of your lighting setup. Our LED wash light options include floodlights, PAR cans, and more, all with varying degrees of brightness, features, and price ranges. We can also recommend the best LED wash light for your needs based on the size of your venue, desired performance effects, and more.

If you want to take your lighting setup to the next level, consider pairing your wash lights with a color changing system. This will allow you to run automated or sound activated programs that change the color of the lights at the beat of the music.

Many of the wash lights we carry feature Led wash lights RGBW LEDs, which provide a more complete palette of colors than standard single-color LEDs. This means that you can use these lights to create any theme, from warm pastels to vibrant hotspots. Some of our wash lights also feature a zoom function, which lets you focus the beam on the specific areas of your venue that you need to illuminate.


The DMX control system is the standard for LED lighting and offers a level of programmability that can be found nowhere else. The DMX system works on a data signal that gives your LEDs instructions on what to do and when to do it. The system allows you to create complex lighting effects and is a great choice for larger venues or even home automation systems like Lutron and KNX.

To use a DMX control system with your wash lights you will need to purchase a decoder/driver for each light that you wish to control. When selecting a decoder/driver it is important to keep in mind the maximum wattage that the decoder can handle and to incorporate a signal amplifier for any lights that will exceed the limit.

Once you have your DMX decoders in place you can set up your controller and start programming your lights. When a light is programmed it will be given a pro lighting DMX starting address, for example Channel 1, and from there you can start to control it independently.

Many of the LED wash lights in our range are DMX compatible and you can choose to have them run through automated programs or sound activated where they will go to the beat of the music. For example, the ADJ RockPAR50 features 3 or 6 channels of DMX control that allow you to control color, strobe rate, color fading, dimming and ID address making this an ideal choice for any venue.

Master/Slave Synchronisation

Mastering stage dynamics requires a great deal of planning and attention to detail, but it’s possible for lighting designers to take control and produce stunning visual compositions that elevate the energy of any performance. Using LED moving wash lights, backlighting, fill lights and more, you can create an immersive experience that engages audiences on a visceral level.

For example, you can set LED wash lights to sound responsive, meaning they will pulse and change color to the beat of the music being played, keeping up with the rhythm of the performance and creating a stunning synchronized light display. Other options include using backlighting to add contrast and dimension to the stage, and experimenting with different lighting techniques to highlight key elements of the set design.

A great feature of many of our Led wash lights is the ability to use them in master/slave synchronisation mode, which allows you to control multiple lights at once. This works by linking up the lights via DMX cables, with each fixture acting as either the master or a slave depending on which setting you choose.

The master/slave synchronisation feature is perfect for larger events or productions, as it can save you time and effort by allowing you to set up multiple fixtures quickly and easily. You can even use them to set up your own wedding venue by arranging several fixtures around the walls to create a beautiful wash of colour.

Wireless Uplighters

Our wireless uplighters allow you to achieve bright and vibrant lighting without the need for power cords. These battery powered lights are easy to set up, simply place them against a wall and point upwards to create an impressive wash of colour. Once programmed, each light will’remember’ the color you choose – making it simple to switch on and off without having to reset them to the desired color again. The lights also contain a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and will be charged before being sent out for rental, providing you with the confidence that they will remain operational throughout your event or wedding reception.

By linking multiple units via a wireless DMX daisy chain, it becomes possible to control your venue’s lighting from one central source. The master uplight will be able to transmit commands on specific frequencies to all of the other fixtures in the rig, reducing the need for numerous cables that could cause problems if damaged. The master fixture can also be programmed with fade or strobe options which will then be replicated across all of the linked fixtures, creating a seamless and flawless display.

These LED wash lights are a great choice for transforming a venue. They are ideal for highlighting architectural features such as columns or arches, illuminating dance floors or adding a wash of colour to walls and ceilings. Their incredibly sleek exterior finish makes them discreet enough to use in hotels, restaurants and galleries.

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