July 21, 2024

LED Follow Spot Lights

Having a skilled followspot operator is crucial to the success of a show. They must know the production’s lighting design and have the ability to follow performers with a circle of light.

Unlike traditional theatre spotlights, modern LED follow spot lights are energy efficient and stay cool. They also offer a wide range of options for color, dimming and gobo projection.


Follow spot lights are used to follow and highlight actors with a tight beam of light. Usually mounted on a stand or tripod, they are a powerful tool for theatrical, professional, and high school performances. They come in a wide range of colors and features to meet your stage needs. Many also have iris, shutter and lens control and internal color changing options. The spotlight is a great way to keep audiences focused on your performers and add dimension and drama to the stage.

Our LED followspots emit a tight beam powered by bright 120W LEDs to highlight actors at far distances. They are easy to set up and tear down with a lightweight design that makes it simple for one person to operate. They feature DMX and manual modes to simplify professional fading with smooth LED dimming. A mechanical iris reduces the beam diameter for maximum control.

Our modern LED follow spot lights are a perfect combination of power and efficiency. They boast a bright 60W LED source, 8 colors, strobe and dimming capabilities, as well as 3-pin and 5-pin DMX connectivity. They are durable and feature a wide range of features to match your stage’s unique needs.


Follow spot lights are essential for stage lighting as they highlight specific elements of a performance to create more eye-catching visuals. They are easy to set up and operate, making them an ideal choice for theater, professional, educational, and athletic venues. Our LED follow spot lights come with everything you need to get started right away and are lightweight enough for one person to handle easily.

Traditional followspots use tungsten-halogen or metal-halide gas discharge lamps as the light source. Solid state LEDs offer significantly improved source Led Follow spot lights efficacy and lifespan, while still delivering the directional focus needed for follow spots. They are also more compact, lighter, and cooler than their predecessors.

LED follow spots offer a wide range of control options to suit your needs. The rear panel buttons allow you to select between 7 dichroic colors plus white, along with functions such as dimmer, electronic strobe, and blackout. The dimmer, color adjustment, and iris can be controlled locally with the push of a button or remotely via DMX.

The ADJ FS600LED is a modern LED follow spot that comes equipped with 8 colors (including warm white and UV), variable strobe speed, and dimming capabilities. It stays cool to the touch and includes a 3- and 5-pin DMX connection, a gel frame holder, and a stand. It is the perfect choice for worship services, stage performances and live video streaming.

Gobo Projection

A follow spot light is a special type of spotlight used in theaters to highlight a performer with a beam of light. It is an essential piece of equipment for a theatrical production, and it requires a skilled operator to operate it properly. A good follow spotlight operator should have a strong understanding of the lighting design and the script of the show to ensure that they are following the correct movements and highlighting the right parts of the performance.

In addition to its standard functionality, a follow spot light can also be used to project gobos onto the stage. These gobos can be made from metal or glass discs with patterns and colors printed on them. Gobos are often used with ellipsoidal reflector spotlights to create different effects in theatre applications, but LED-style gobo/pattern projectors can be used to provide a more compact and affordable alternative.

A quality follow spot light should be able to produce a high-quality beam with excellent focusing and gobo projection capabilities. It should also be able to change the size of its lens and shutter to accommodate different lighting situations. It should also have an internal color gel system to allow the user to add different colors to the beam. Many manufacturers produce follow spotlights, including ETC, Strong, Chauvet, and Altman.


A follow spot is a powerful light used to highlight actors and props. They have the ability to add dimension and make a show more exciting for audiences. There are many different types of followspots and they can have a variety of colors and attributes. They can also have a wide range of controls.

One of the most important specifications for a follow spot is its throw distance, which is the distance it can illuminate on stage. Ideally, the followspot should be able to cut through any other lighting on stage. This can be accomplished by selecting a follow spot with a high-output lamp or by using a color gobos with a soft edge.

The CHAUVET DJ LED Followspot 75ST is a powerful yet easy-to-use follow led flood lights spot that is great for all applications. Its intuitive LCD display and DMX control make it simple to set up and adjust the light output to suit your needs. It is also daisy-chainable, allowing you to connect multiple lights for larger setups.

This light features a bright 75-watt white LED to create a tight beam. It offers a mechanical iris to reduce the beam size and super-smooth dimming to simplify professional fading. It also has a single gobo slot to project crisp patterns onto any surface. It has fast electronic strobe for silent operation and it sets up and takes down in seconds with the included tripod.

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