July 21, 2024

How to Choose the Best Solar Wall Lights

Solar wall lights allow you to add stylish lighting to areas of your home or business without the need for expensive rewiring. They also provide the added benefit of being an environmentally friendly alternative to electricity.

A modern take on country charm, these barn-style lights work well on the side of a porch to accent architectural features. The sconces come fully assembled, and installation took just minutes.


The best solar wall lights come with weather-resistant materials to ensure they can withstand outdoor use. They also have a minimal design that can blend in with most exterior aesthetics. We tested these models in a variety of weather conditions, including heavy rains and winds. They continued to work seamlessly after the rains and winds, so you can be confident they’ll last throughout the seasons without any issues.

The design of these solar outdoor lighting fixtures is also easy to clean, which makes them a great choice for homes with children or pets. This is because they’re free of extension cables, which can be a tripping hazard. Additionally, these fixtures can be easily operated with a button or remote. Many of the options on this list also have smart capabilities, which allow you to set timers and adjust brightness remotely.

One of the main reasons to consider installing solar outdoor lighting is because it’s a green energy option that saves you money in the long run. They convert sunlight into electricity for use at night, which is a much more sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources. Additionally, most of these models are designed to operate throughout the year, so you don’t need to worry about a power outage in winter or fall. They can also help improve security in your home by illuminating dark areas, which may deter criminals from targeting your property.


Solar wall lights use solar panels to convert solar energy into lighting and charge the batteries incorporated into each fixture. They’re powered by the solar wall lights sun during the day, turning off in the dark. Then, when they detect motion at night, the light turns on to provide illumination.

The best mounted solar lights have multiple modes that allow you to control how bright the lighting is at any given time of day, including a security mode that illuminates the area only when motion is detected; a smart brightness control that turns the lights on and off at different levels of brightness throughout the night; and a permanent on mode. Each of these can be accessed with the simple press of a button.

They typically don’t require a lot of maintenance-an occasional cleaning to get dust or debris off the solar panel, and battery replacements (typically every 5 years). They are also far more cost-effective than traditional electric lights as there is no need to spend money on electricity, wiring or labour charges for installation.

Most solar wall lights are also very safe. They don’t require cords, so there is no chance of a child or pet getting strangled or tripped over them. They’re also 100% wire-free, which means that you can hang them in places where it might not be possible to run a wire.


If you’re looking for solar wall lights that last, pay attention to their weather-resistance ratings. These are usually listed as Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, like IP65, and they tell you how well a solar light is protected against water, dust, and extreme temperatures. Having a high IP rating means that your solar wall lights will withstand long periods of time without needing to be recharged.

Solar-powered wall lights are a beautiful and practical addition to any home. They provide bright lighting at night, which waterproof outdoor wall lights can help you get around the house safely, and they’re also energy-efficient. Plus, they don’t produce any greenhouse gases or harmful chemicals. They’re also cost-efficient, since their energy comes from the sun, so you won’t have to spend a lot on electricity bills.

Baxia is a top-rated solar wall light manufacturer that offers several options. These include packs of 28 or 100 LEDs, which vary in brightness from 400 to 1000 lumens. They’re primarily designed as solar security lights and work on motion sensor activation within a 3 to 5-meter range.

Another good option is the Greluna solar wall light, which has a very wide coverage area and various lighting modes. Plus, it’s easy to mount — no tools needed! It can even be mounted using double-sided adhesives if you don’t want to use screws. It’s a durable choice that can stand up to extreme weather conditions, too, thanks to its waterproofing.

Ease of Installation

The best mounted solar lights should be easy to install and require no special tools or expertise. They should also be relatively maintenance-free and be able to stand up to the elements, like strong winds or snow storms. If your home is in a flood zone, consider purchasing a light that includes a flood protection feature or is rated for IP66 or higher to keep it safe from water damage.

Most solar lights can be easily installed with screw-in hooks, which are commonly found on walls and under eaves. Some come with a pole or stake for mounting to the ground. Once installed, the solar panel should be positioned to get the most sun during the day, which helps ensure they recharge.

A few models of solar wall lights have smart capabilities that allow you to connect them to a hub and control their settings via an app. You can set schedules, adjust motion sensitivity and brightness, and receive alerts on your smartphone. For the tech-savvy, our pick for best solar powered light is Ring’s Solar Floodlight, which works with a Bridge (sold separately) and compatible Echo devices to enable customizable smart controls.

If you have an older solar light, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight every day to stay charged. The more direct sunlight it receives, the longer it will run.

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