May 25, 2024

COLIGHT 9 Inch Led Work Light

Featuring a glass lens and die-cast aluminum housing material, this scene work light is durable and designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Its universal pedestal mount makes it a practical and versatile lighting solution for a wide variety of applications.

Built for distance and width, these auxiliary lights are easy to install and can make a big difference in visibility when offroading at night. They also feature reverse polarity protection and electronic thermal management.

Amber Cover

The Amber Cover for COLIGHT 9” Driving Lights adds an additional element of safety to your offroading adventure by modifiying the color temperature of the LEDs. With a simple snap-on, the amber cover enhances vision when driving through haze and dust. It also helps you to navigate in hazardous weather conditions such as fog, rain, and snow. This amber cover is also a great option to have on hand when you need to clear the windshield or to illuminate the ground around your vehicle when stuck in mud or sand.

These oversized work lights are perfect for your offroading needs, providing powerful illumination that will help you to see the road 9 Inch Led Work Light and any obstacles ahead of you. They are rated IP68 and come with a waterproof silicone wire that can withstand vibration, moisture, extreme temperatures, and the test of time. The durable housing is made from high-quality die-cast aluminum and features a breather valve for optimal heat dissipation.

Featuring 60pcs high-intensity Osram chips, this work light can produce up to 3650 lumens. The LEDs are housed in a heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing that is sealed against water, dirt, and debris. The waterproof design and IP67 ratings make it a versatile lighting solution for a wide variety of applications. The reverse polarity protection ensures that you won’t damage your light with improper installation, while the electronic thermal management regulates the operating temperature to extend the life of the bulb.

Black Cover

The Black Cover of this work light adds a great deal of protection and style to the work lights. It is designed to fit all of Hardkorr’s 9 inch LED driving lights. It easily snaps onto the light and is securely fastened. It’s also a great way to keep your lights clean and safe when they are not in use.

This powerful lighting solution comes with two 18-watt LEDs that produce 3200 lumens. It is compact and fits in tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. It also has built-in reverse polarity protection, so you don’t have to worry about wiring it up incorrectly.

Its durable housing is resistant to vibration, moisture, and impact, so it can withstand harsh environments. Its unique design allows it to be used in multiple ways, including as a flashlight or a floodlight. It also features a carry handle and rubber overmold, so it’s easy to transport and use.

It has a sleek, modern design that is sure to complement any vehicle. Its high-intensity CREE LEDs provide maximum visibility, and its waterproof construction ensures durability in any environment. The unit’s advanced electronics protect it from thermal overload and will slow down the output until it cools down. The device’s oversized heat sink provides perfect heat dissipation, so it will last longer and run brighter than other lights.

Power Cord

The work light has a high-powered LED bulb that emits a bright white lighting and a wide angle of illumination. It is designed to be mounted on a vehicle’s front bumper or fender, giving off a powerful beam of light that will help you see more clearly during nighttime Emark Led Work Lamp driving or offroading adventures. It has an adjustable tripod that allows you to position the lights where you need them most. It also has a quick release system, making it easy to remove the lights for cleaning or to use them on different vehicles.

Its compact design makes it perfect for mounting on vehicles with limited space. This work light is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including vibration, moisture, impact, and wide temperatures. The back of the unit has three breather valves that allow heat to dissipate and extend the working life of the light.

It is a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable and versatile solution for their lighting needs. The work light features a polycarbonate lens and die-cast aluminum housing material that make it durable and easy to install. The kit includes the work light, a carrying case, and a battery power cord. This work light is made in the U.S. and fits most vehicles, making it a practical and convenient option for any application.


Equip your Jeep or truck with these 7-9 inch auxiliary work lights to improve visibility and create a safer offroad experience at night. These powerful LED lights are durable, water/dust resistant, and can be powered by a rechargeable battery or an AC power cord. They also have a convenient handle that rotates up to 180 degrees for optimal positioning. A battery-life indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge.

This rugged and versatile light features 3 high-intensity CREE LEDs that provide bright, clear illumination. Its aluminum alloy housing is sealed to withstand vibration, impact, and harsh environments. The included mounting kit allows for easy installation on any vehicle or equipment. Its compact size makes it an ideal lighting solution for narrow areas and confined spaces.

The CREE LEDs have an excellent color consistency and high CRI for exceptional brightness. Its advanced thermal management system helps to keep the temperature down, which extends its lifespan and increases its durability. Its waterproof rating of IP67 makes it suitable for use in wet conditions.

This high-performance auxiliary light is engineered to last, with a sturdy die-cast metal construction and stainless steel mounting bracket. Its internal protections include reverse polarity and electronic thermal management. Its quick-cooling aluminum alloy heat sinks effectively disperse the heat and ensure a long service life.

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