May 25, 2024

SEG Fabric Light Box

SEG Fabric Light Box

SEG fabric light boxes come in sleek designs that look modern and elegant. They also come with a durable LED lighting tech that illuminates signage and graphics brilliantly.

Whether displayed in hotel lobbies or conference rooms, SEG backlit display is an effective tool for branding and wayfinding signage. It elevates the overall ambiance of the space and leaves a lasting impression on guests.

Vibrant Illumination

The LED lights used in SEG light boxes illuminate the back of your backlit fabric graphic and create a stunning visual impact for your brand, message or promotional content. The LEDs are inserted into grooves along the inner edges of the aluminum frame to provide full illumination without any glare or unwanted reflection.

They are ideal for creating a dynamic and immersive visual experience in retail environments, trade shows, events or even as an architectural feature at corporate offices or stylish homes. They can be single or double-sided, wall mounted or free standing.

They also offer versatility in terms of graphics, allowing you to switch them out easily to keep up with evolving trends or promotions. In comparison, snap frame light boxes require more effort and technical skills to remove and replace their graphics. Moreover, SEG fabrics are more durable and long-lasting than traditional snap frames.

Seamless Design

SEG fabric light boxes add an SEG Fabric Light Box impressively backlit dimension to a display that elevates your message above the rest. The LED edge lights are optimized to flood the entire graphic surface for a vibrant and luminous effect that is reliable and energy efficient.

The frameless appearance of SEG Light Boxes is created by a thin strip of silicone that inserts into a groove along the perimeter of the aluminum frame. Then, the dye sublimated fabric silicone edge graphics are stretched across the frame to create a taut and wrinkle free appearance.

This system offers a seamless art that is perfect for high impact visuals in the retail environment. The frames require minimal wall prep compared to vinyl or paint and can be easily installed by associates. The displays are also easy to swap out with new images as your promotions evolve. The textured fabric of these light boxes absorbs sound to eliminate distractions and enhance ambiance.

Versatility in Design Options

SEG Fabric Light Boxes come in various shapes and sizes. The shapes can convey a specific message or simply help you create a beautiful backlit display. They are popularly used in retail shopping centers, hotels, automotive showrooms and corporate offices.

The shape of a backlit SEG Fabric Light Box can help you stand out from the competition. For example, circular shapes can be used to create a halo effect around products or backlit logos. They are also a great way to attract attention and direct traffic flow. Other shapes include parallelograms, triangles and rhombuses.

Backlit SEG Fabric Light Boxes can be wall-mounted or free-standing. illumination signs They can even be ceiling suspended. However, you must ensure that the lightbox is properly anchored to the floor or wall. Also, you need to install a power supply that converts high voltage to low voltage for the LED lighting.

Flexibility in Lighting Effects

SEG Fabric Light Boxes come with a variety of backlit lighting options. These include perimeter LED lighting that illuminates your graphics with powerful luminosity. They are also energy-efficient, consuming only 8-15 watts per LED strip section. They do not require a separate power supply like other traditional/bulkier lightboxes.

SCG’s fabric LED light boxes are available in wall-mounted, ceiling-suspended, or freestanding options. They showcase your visuals with vivid illumination, highlighting every element of the design. Our backlit displays are perfect for retail spaces, trade shows, and lobbies.

In corporate environments, SEG fabric light boxes help create a professional ambiance that aligns with brand identity. Display company logos, mission statements, and inspiring visuals to impress clients and boost employee morale. You can also easily upgrade your graphics to keep up with current promotions and trends. Our light boxes are perfect for creating dynamic displays that are sure to capture the attention of your audience.


Unlike non-backlit fabric displays, SEG lightboxes can be backlit or front-lit. They can be hung from an interior wall, ceiling-suspended or freestanding. They can also be curved, allowing for different shapes and sizes to be created.

SEG light boxes are easy to assemble. The frame mechanism allows for a seamless integration of tension fabric SEG push-fit graphics, eliminating visible sew lines and creating a smooth edge to edge graphic. Backlit LED lighting illuminates the display to attract attention and create a visual impact in any environment.

These displays can be used for different marketing applications such as retail environments, trade shows, conventions and even office spaces. They can be easily refreshed to update any campaign or brand message. They are also highly portable and can be broken down into smaller sections for economic shipping. This makes them ideal for any exhibitor looking to create a stand out brand messaging that is both eye-catching and memorable.


A fabric SEG light box is an affordable solution for creating a stunning illuminated display. It combines LED lighting with your custom dye sublimated graphic on stretchy fabric. The silicone edges of the fabric are inserted into grooves in an aluminum frame, which is then backlit with bright LED lights.

The resulting effect is captivating and sets your brand apart from the competition. It is also an incredibly versatile solution that can be used to promote your brand, products, or services in a wide variety of settings.

In addition, SEG Fabric Light Boxes require less wall prep compared to traditional signage solutions and can be installed at the associate level. This makes them a cost-effective option for long-term and short-term use. They also ship flat and are easy to assemble. This helps to keep shipping costs down, which can be an issue with other types of displays.

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