May 25, 2024

Led Letter

Make a Big Impression With Acrylic 3D Letters Complemented by LED Lighting

Make a big impression with acrylic 3D letters complemented by LED lighting. The light facilitates visibility during low-light conditions, making these signs an excellent choice for storefronts and analogous areas that require nocturnal visibility.

Marquee letters add a touch of flair to events and parties. Use them to spell out words or display ages and anniversary dates. They also look stunning as the backdrop for gender reveal parties.

G-100 Formed Face & Side Lit Plastic LED Letters

The G-100 Formed Plastic LED Letters usher in a new age of signage, one where lighting and design intertwine to transform spaces into mesmerizing visual experiences. Featuring a sleek flat face profile, these illuminated letters exude sophistication and style, making them ideal for a variety of applications. Whether you’re a business owner looking to captivate customers or an artist seeking to add a touch of flair to your installations, these letters allow you to cast a spell that will linger in the minds of your audience.

The UL Certified Gemlite LED sign letters consist of a molded plastic face that fits over an opaque white CAN or back that houses the LED modules. The face and CANs are formed with UV stable, non-petroleum based, renewable CAB plastic that is UL-certified for illuminated signs. Typically the backs are formed in white for optimal reflectivity of the LED lights. The letters are securely held together with a stud and adhesive mounting system.

These LED lighted plastic letters are evenly illuminated with Cool White 6500K LEDs. The illumination can be altered using remote-controlled RGB lights in multiple colors to suit your desired look. The backs are also available in several options, including transparent for halo lighting. This type of LED lighted signage is designed to catch the eye and stand out from other signage, while at the same time remaining highly energy-efficient.

Acrylic 3D Letters With LED Lighting

3D LED acrylic letters are a sleek and modern way to display your message. They are a great option for storefronts, offices, and other commercial spaces. The lights are energy efficient and provide a vivid and eye-catching display. They are also easy to install and can be hung or mounted on a stand.

These letters are made of a strong and durable acrylic plastic that is resistant to scratches, cracks, and stains. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and they are weatherproof and fade-resistant. They use LED lighting, which is more energy-efficient than traditional Led Letter Signs bulbs. They can be set to flash, fade, or change colors for added effect.

Our acrylic LED signs are made by using precision cutting and routing techniques. They are then mounted on a robust MS framework and equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, creating a mesmerizing backlit ambience that enhances your brand visibility. These signs are fully customizable to your brand specifications and space requirements.

These lights are a great alternative to metal letters, which are more expensive and require a longer lead time. They are also more durable and easier to maintain, making them a great choice for your business. Our acrylic LED signs are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect match for your brand.

Fabricated LED Stainless Steel Letters With Illuminated Acrylic Faces

Whether you are looking to illuminate your company name, a product line or event, LED Illuminated Letters offer you a unique way to draw attention from Led Letter potential customers. Each of these LED illuminated letters can be custom made to your specifications. You can choose the color of the lights and the motifs that you wish to include. The lighting of these LED illuminated letters is extremely energy-saving and emits a bright light that catches the eye.

Fabricated LED Stainless Steel Letters With Illuminated Acrylic Faces

Achieve the premium look of a custom logo badge with these 3D illuminated sign letters. These signs are crafted from stainless steel that is either brushed or rusted. Brushed stainless steel is durable enough for exterior signage, while rusty cor-ten steel offers a rustic appearance that complements interior lobby or office signage.

These fabricated signs are available in multiple stainless finishes and are backlit with your choice of five LED colors. They also come with a Lexan backer to protect the LED modules and allow for easy servicing.

These signs are ideal for announcing events and celebrations. Use them to spell out “Oh Baby” for a baby shower, or “It’s A Boy” or “It’s A Girl” for a gender reveal party. You can even use them to display your company initials or a special message for an anniversary or birthday party.

Fabricated LED Stainless Steel Letters With Halo Lighting

These back-lit signs offer a premium look with the sophisticated visibility of halo illumination. We use high-quality LED modules inside fabricated stainless steel channel letters with a lexan backer and mount them an inch or two away from the wall for a dramatic effect in both daylight and nighttime settings. They’re perfect for business and residential applications and work well in both indoor and outdoor settings.

The process begins with a waterjet cut 18-16 gauge pre-finished stainless steel letter face(your chosen font). This is seamlessly welded around a can crafted from frosted or clear lexan to create the “can” shape. An acrylic edge extends to the back of the can and is illuminated by the LEDs resulting in a halo effect that stands out. Optional detachable studs create a 1-1/2″ stand-off and add to the aesthetic of these signs. They are also designed with a removable can to allow for servicing of the LEDs, ensuring convenient maintenance.

These signs can be produced in any font style and color. Pricing shown is for a serif style font with a standard depth of 1.5″. Back-lit stainless steel letters are also available in brushed stainless steel or bronze finishes.

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