May 25, 2024

Side Emitting Led Light Bar

How to Choose a Side Emitting LED Light Bar for Your Truck

Light bars are a popular add-on for trucks. They can help you see the road when driving at night or in low visibility conditions. There are a few things to consider when choosing one, including color and size.

You may also want to consider the type of beam pattern you need. Spot beam patterns are great for lighting up long distances, while flood beams illuminate a wider area.


When it comes to choosing a LED light bar, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the different features. This will ensure that you get exactly what you want without wasting time or money on something that doesn’t meet your needs. These features include durability, beam pattern, size, and color. You also need to consider what laws and regulations apply when using the lights.

Whether you’re looking for an LED light bar for your off-road vehicle or just to add some extra lighting to your car, it’s essential that you know the laws in your area. The best way to do this is to visit your Department of Motor Vehicles website to learn more about what is and isn’t allowed.

Another thing to consider is how much brightness you need from your light bar. Many LED light bars come in both spot and flood patterns, and some can switch between the two depending on your preferences. Additionally, some lights are available in a variety of sizes, from 4 inches to 50 inches.

If you’re going to be using your light bar for off-road driving, it’s important to choose a durable model. Lower-quality models tend to be more susceptible to damage, so make sure to read reviews of each product before you decide which one to buy. If possible, choose Side Emitting Led Light Bar a manufacturer known for its durable products, such as Extreme LED or Eyourlife.


The LEDs in the Light Bar emit a bright, concentrated beam that’s ideal for highlighting your vehicle. You can choose a bar with multiple rows of LEDs for more illumination, or opt for a single row that provides a smaller profile. Depending on your vehicle’s configuration and the way you use your truck, one option may be better than the other.

The light bars we carry feature high-quality LEDs from genuine manufacturers. This helps them last longer and perform more consistently than cheaper alternatives. They also offer more customization options in terms of size, color, and design.

If you want to create a custom setup, you can easily add a switch or dimmer to the circuit board, which allows you to change the light bar’s mode, pattern, and brightness. You can even connect a potentiometer to the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ wires on the bar for more control.

The color of the light can also make a big difference. For example, white light is great for everyday driving, while amber light is best in low visibility conditions. Blue and red lights are typically reserved for emergency vehicles and can be quite attention-grabbing. You should always check the local laws to see what colors are legal for civilian use.


Light bars are designed to give growers the power they need to get their crops growing. But they do generate heat, which can pose a problem for high-density farmers who need to move their lights around to cover crops at different angles. To combat this, light bar users need to ensure their lighting systems are properly cooled and are capable of managing excess heat in the grow room.

The cooling system in the Light Bar is made up of a large heat sink, which provides ample space to dissipate the heat generated by the LEDs. It is designed to efficiently cool the LEDs and provide a consistent performance. This cooling system also helps to prolong the lifespan of the LEDs and prevent overheating.

Unlike cheaper light bars, premium light bars have advanced optics that refine beam patterns for enhanced visibility and efficient illumination. This is important in off-road driving conditions, as it can minimize eye strain and fatigue.

Depending on the brand, some light bars also feature color changing capabilities. This can be useful in upping the cool factor of a show truck or in work applications, such as indicating whether a vehicle is empty or full. Other features include Bluetooth technology, which can be used to control the light bar remotely. This feature can be especially helpful when working at night.


If you’re looking for a more straightforward lighting solution than flexible LED strip lights, consider a linear light bar. These rigid fixtures feature a line of LED diodes encased in aluminum housing, making them suitable for more rugged applications and heavier-duty lighting tasks. Some models also come with helpful accessories like dimmers and a remote controller.

When installing an LED light bar, make sure that the polarity of the wires is correctly matched (positive to positive and negative to negative). The LED strip will have led truck light marks on it to help you with this, so it’s easy to get it right. Once you’ve made all the connections, you can plug in your wiring harness quick-connector and reconnect your battery. If everything is connected properly, turn on your lights and make sure they’re working.

Unless you have a good understanding of electrical circuits, it’s best to leave the installation of your LED strip lights and light bars to a professional. A custom car stereo shop that specializes in aftermarket electronics is often your best bet. They have better access to fuses and switches and are familiar with the proper wiring for these types of applications. They’ll also be able to install a park safety interlock, which ensures that your vehicle’s LED lights can only be turned on when the car is in parked mode.

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