May 25, 2024

Moving Head Beam Lights

Moving head beam lights create directional illumination that accentuates performers and set pieces. These lighting fixtures can be used to create impressive light shows by programming movement sequences and synchronizing effects with music beats.

They can also feature Gobo wheels with interchangeable patterns, and motorised color wheels or prisms for versatile color production. In addition, some models can even strobe and offer automated framing systems to shape the beam and control unwanted spill.


Moving head beam lights are ideal for creating powerful, directional light displays that add depth and dimension to a stage production. They typically use high-intensity lamps and precise optics to create tight beams of light that can be projected over long distances, making them ideal for creating mesmerizing aerial effects. The flexibility of these fixtures also allows them to be used for other purposes, such as highlighting specific stage elements or accentuating key moments in a performance.

Beam lights are available in a wide range of sizes and effects, allowing designers to create a customized look for their production. For example, some models include a lens train that lets them create a range of zooming effects, while others offer a variety of gobos and patterns to customize the shape of their beam.

The versatility of these fixtures makes them a great choice for any production. They can be used to create eye-catching wash effects, awe-inspiring beam shows, and dynamic color-changing strobe effects. Whether they’re used to complement a theatrical performance or an EDM moving head beam show, these lights can help transform a space into a visually captivating environment that captivates audiences.

In addition to the versatility of these lights, they’re also incredibly bright and can be used to illuminate large venues. For this reason, they’re an excellent choice for lighting larger venues, such as concert halls, theatres, and nightclubs.


Unlike traditional switches, beam moving head lights have the ability to be controlled with your smartphone, making it easy for you to control all the lights in your house. You can set the time to turn on or off all the lights at once, and you can also adjust the brightness of each light in different rooms. This feature makes it easier for families with young children and elderly people to control the lighting in their home, which can help save electricity consumption.

A beam moving head light produces a tight, precise beam of bright light with sharp edges, which is why it’s often used in nightclubs and other venues that need to highlight specific objects or performers. It can also change color, strobe and have many other cool lighting effects that can really make an impact on the audience.

While they vary in terms of size, features and effects, all types of moving heads have the ability to swivel in a variety of directions. This allows them to illuminate large areas and produce impressive visual effects. Whether you’re looking for quick, punchy zig-zags or slow, graceful circles, a moving head beam light can do it all.

Beam moving head lights are an essential part of modern lighting systems, and they can be paired with other smart devices to create the perfect home automation setup. You can control your entire home’s lighting with just a tap on your smartphone, making it an ideal choice for busy families and those who want to be proactive in controlling their energy consumption.

Variety of Features and Effects

A moving head beam creates a narrow and mini-beam of light that has high intensity. With its sharp edges and high visibility over long distances, these lighting fixtures are primarily used for spotlighting performers or objects. Many of them feature a built-in color mixer that allows you to produce a large range of colors and transitions. They also have a special mode that can produce a spectacular fan effect and stroboscopic effects, which add a dramatic flair to any performance.

Besides the standard features of pan/tilt and zoom, many models come with a variety of gobo wheels that offer a wide selection of patterns and shapes to choose from. When paired with a hazer or fog machine, these effects can create a mesmerizing display to captivate your audience.

While the beam moving head is not as versatile as the spot or wash, it can still be an excellent choice for creating a dynamic and captivating stage show. The key is to understand the difference between its capabilities and the other moving head types so you can get the most out of your investment. By mastering the art of programming and controlling these lights, you can elevate your event’s atmosphere to a whole new level. Whether it’s a powerful burst of light or a mesmerizing display, a moving head beam will transform any show into an unforgettable event for your audience.

Programming and Control

Moving head beam lights are highly versatile and offer the ability to create a range of effects. You can use them to highlight performers, create a spot light effect in theatre productions, and even make a powerful impression at night clubs or events with a laser-like effect. However, it is essential to have a deep understanding of your lighting system to optimize its Beam moving head lights capabilities. The key is to experiment with the various features and effects to find your best settings.

The DMX control system of most mini LED moving heads offers many customizable settings to suit your needs. For instance, you can save position presets for quick access to frequently used positions. This expedites the programming process and ensures consistency throughout the show. In addition, you can set different strobe speeds to infuse your performances with energy.

Most mini LED moving head beam lights come with a variety of built-in effects, including prisms to multiply the beams and gobos to project spinning images. You can also utilize a color wheel to vary the beam color through subtractive color mixing.

These features make a moving head beam light an excellent choice for any event or venue. However, it’s essential to choose a high-quality model from a reputable manufacturer to get the most out of your investment. Consider connecting with a seasoned stage lighting manufacturer, such as Light Sky, to explore the possibilities of this innovative lighting solution for your next event.

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