May 25, 2024

5 in 1 Spotlight

Employee spotlights are valuable tools for organization branding, talent attraction and highlighting team culture. They can take the form of written profiles, Q&A sessions or video interviews.

Down at the Globe, Marty meets with a witness in the Geoghan case. Sacha speaks with the wife of one of the priests involved and is confronted by a hostile woman.


When shopping for an LED spotlight, it’s important to look beyond the watts in and focus on lumens out. LEDs are rated by their brightness in lumens and you should aim for the same brightness or higher that you used with your old halogen lights.

When it comes to LEDs, the more expensive ones have better color accuracy and higher CRI scores. These numbers indicate how well the colors of 5 in 1 spotlight objects appear under a given light. If you’re shopping for an LED spotlight, try to find one that has a CRI score of at least 80.

Another notable feature of the Elinchrom FIVE is that it has no dome and instead opts for a flat, more rectangular shape that helps with heat dissipation. The lack of a dome does make the lights heavier but it’s not a huge deal in most situations. Be sure to use a stable heavy-duty light stand when mounting them. I also recommend that no matter what scenario you’re using them in, you bring some sandbags to help keep them secure.


Strobe function allows for an impressive night time effect to add a dramatic impact and bring life to your water feature or landscape.

The energy-efficient LEDs are powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery, charged by the solar panel during the day and automatically switched on at night.

FiveSpect LED technology combines high CRI white with saturated color in a single point-source LED. This allows the color 2 Inch Led Work Light to mix seamlessly with the high-quality white light and eliminates any shadowing effects typically found in traditional halogen lighting.

Simple and user-friendly, no electrical wiring or professional installation required. Just plug in and set to your desired mode. This product can also be controlled via a 2.4GHz remote control or mobile APP. Strobe, fading and sound activated modes available.

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