May 25, 2024

LED Wash Lights

LED lighting can help attract customers to your carwash and make it more appealing at night. The lights also save on energy costs.

Unlike beam fixtures, wash lighting does not go as bright. LED stage wash lightings can create a soft-edged setting, especially with more LED colors available today, including cool white and ultraviolet.

DMX Connections

There are a range of different DMX connections available for led wash lights. Many feature standard 5-pin XLR connectors for easy connections to a DMX controller receiver. Others use 3-pin XLR connectors or screw terminal connectors (Phoenix Connector).

DMX is an industry-standard digital communication protocol that offers flexible control options for LED lighting. It sends data signals to the fixture, telling it what to do and when. It’s a common choice for larger projects and upscale venues that require complex lighting effects.

You can set up and programme DMX lighting using a wide variety of software, including free or paid options. Some are designed for individual fixtures, while others provide a central management system for multiple light systems. The latter option is often ideal for large projects, as it allows you to save multiple presets and scenes for quick switching between various lighting configurations.

If you’re using multiple DMX lights, you’ll need to use Theater spot lights a DMX decoder to separate the control signals for each light. This converts the DMX signal to a constant voltage PWM output that can be used by RGBCCT LED strip lights. You’ll then need to set the light up with a corresponding DMX address, which is a unique number that represents a particular function. Each fixture can have up to 512 channels, or a universe, assigned to it.

Master/Slave Synchronisation

The DMX connections on many LED wash lights also provide the ability to operate in master/slave mode, which means multiple light fixtures can be linked together on one data wire (as opposed to running each fixture with its own dedicated DMX controller). This can make things much simpler when using a large number of fixtures for something like a wedding.

All you need to do is assign one fixture as the master, and all the other light units can be controlled via that same master in synchronisation. Similarly, one fixture can be assigned as the slave and all the other lights controlled by a single DMX console or software.

This enables you to create complex lighting schemes and synchronised effects that can be easily changed, perfect for events. It is also a key feature in stage performance lighting as it allows you to keep your wash lights in time with the rhythm of a song or performance, which helps convey the theme of a show.

You will find a wide range of colour options available with our LED wash lights, with many offering a choice of wattage levels that can effect how bright or soft your lights are. This makes it easy to create a range of different wash effects and set them to specific colours to match your event theme or decor. Some even offer the option to connect to a wireless DMX controller or remote for ultimate control flexibility.

Wireless Uplighters

Having the freedom of positioning LED uplighters in areas where wired lighting isn’t feasible is a game changer for event producers and venues. Battery powered wireless uplights are sleek and discreet, with long run times and stunning fade modes. These are ideal for uplighting walls or highlighting architectural features of your venue space, adding a touch of class to your event décor.

The Chauvet WELL Panel is a robust, IP65-rated wash light, perfect for creating a stunning wall-wash or illuminating scenic and architectural features. This versatile fixture boasts 24 quad-color LEDs, delivering bright fully saturate tones and pastel colors. The unit has selectable dimming, red shift emulation and PWM settings to allow you to customize your light output. It can be controlled via DMX, W-DMX, or IR remote.

Another great option is the BeamZ professional BBP94. This battery powered uplighter is a fantastic addition to larger events and lighting rigs, with a powerful 8Ah battery system for hours of power free operation, impressive built-in auto shows, master/slave synchronization and DMX control for integration into a programmed lighting scene. It also comes in several cost-saving package deals, such as this 6 Set with Fitted Carry Case that’s ideal for professionals.

Setting the lights up is simple, using the on-board digital display – no experience required. The batteries are charged prior to delivery so you can simply pick up and go when you receive your rental order.


Weatherproof led wash lights can be used in a wet location such as under a gazebo, around ponds and patios. They can withstand jets of water from any direction. They are also suitable for indoor damp locations such as bathrooms and kitchen areas where they can be in contact with steam or water splashes. They come with a silicone casing that does not yellow or crack, making them an excellent choice for outdoor and damp locations.

They have a high light dispersion with quad (RGB-White), penta (RGB-W-Amber) and hex (RGB-W-Ultraviolet) LEDs for more color options than traditional par lights. DJs only need a couple of these lights to illuminate large spaces, allowing them to save space and money on power usage.

LED wash lighting is the favored stage lighting of many pros. It uses 80% less voltage than 3 in 1 moving head light a standard halogen-based light and lasts up to 50,000 hours. Additionally, it requires minimal maintenance and offers a lower operating temperature compared to a regular bulb.

With so many LED wash lights on the market, it can be challenging to find the perfect one for your needs. Luckily, Sweetwater makes the process easier by letting you filter by brands, desired specs, and price. This way, you can narrow down your choices and find the right fixture to match your specific vision and budget.

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