May 25, 2024

LED Wash Lights

Wash lights offer a versatile colour wash to illuminate any stage. They’re popular for their energy efficiency and long lifespan, as well as their colour mixing abilities.

Many of our LED wall washers come with DMX connections, allowing you to link them together and set them to perform specific effects and colours at your chosen time. This is great for stage performances and conveying a theme.

DMX Control

A DMX LED system lets you control a range of lighting options such as changing colors or creating different effects. This is done through a DMX controller receiver (often called a decoder) that takes in DMX signals from a master controller and sends them to the individual fixtures via a CAT5 cable. The more variables you want to add, the more channels you will need in your DMX universe – which can be up to 512.

For instance, you might have an RGB or RGBW LED wall washer light that allows you to create millions of colors and effects such as fading, jumping, flashing and more. You can also set it to sound-activated or manual playback modes for automated or pre-mixed looks that are ready to go.

The controller can be standalone or a part of a larger lighting panel, which you might see at a music show or other live event. It can be programmed in advance Led Follow spot lights or used live to run chases and other effects based on audio input from a DJ.

Using a DMX system is fairly simple, and all you need is a decoder unit and a controller to connect it all together. You will need to identify the DMX channel that your LED fixture needs, and then you simply series wire it so that the output from the first decoder unit becomes the input for the second fixture. This is known as daisy chaining, and it can be a quick and easy way to control multiple fixtures without having them all running their own separate programs.

Master/Slave Synchronisation

Many wash lights are DMX controlled, which is ideal for stage performances, as you can program the lights to produce certain custom effects and colours at a chosen time. This ensures the lighting is always in sync with the performance, ensuring that your audience can see all the action clearly and effectively.

DMX controls also allow you to create impressive synchronised light shows by linking up your LED wash lights and running them in master/slave mode. Often, this can be done without the need for additional equipment like controllers and software. The DMX connections on our range of Led wash lights are designed with this in mind, and the option to operate them as master/slave is easily accessed from the menu on the fixture.

The ZENIT W600 RGBW Wash Light features high power Cree multi-chip LEDs, offering a colour depth of 256 shades for the perfect wash effect. With a choice of warm, cool and daylight white options, this powerful wash light is perfect for architectural or event lighting applications.

It also comes with a built-in 2.4 GHz W-DMX transceiver, which allows for wireless master/slave operation and DMX control. It’s easy to set up, as you can simply connect all your DMX compatible lights and they’ll automatically start displaying their pre-programmed light shows in synchronisation. Then, if you want to change the presets or add a new one, it’s just as simple.

Colour Changing

Color changing lighting has become increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor use. Many people use these lights to highlight specific elements of their building or space, such as art, sculptures, or trees. Others use them to show their pride in sports teams, holidays, or school colors. The versatility of LED lights makes them a great choice for any occasion.

When choosing a color changing wash light, it’s important to consider its size and brightness, as well as the color range and effects offered. Look for a light that offers a wide variety of colors, and that can create dynamic lighting effects such as strobing, fading, or pulsing. Also make sure that the light can be controlled remotely and is compatible with other smart home devices for a seamless lighting experience.

The CHAUVET DJ EZpar 56 is a battery-powered wash light that speeds up setup by freeing you from the hassle of running cables. Its sleek white or black housing blends into any decor, and it features 108 RGB mixed LEDs to easily customize your light shows. The CHAUVET DJ COLORstrip is a full-size linear wash light that works with the UC IR wireless remote and can be controlled with the COLORband app for a customizable lighting experience.

DMX, or Digital Multiplex, is an industry standard that allows for control of professional lighting fixtures and equipment. It can be used to create custom lighting sequences, and is a popular option in both commercial and stage applications. DMX lighting is also highly energy-efficient, using less electricity than traditional lighting options.

Wireless Uplighters

Our wireless LED uplighters are perfect for creating a bright, vibrant atmosphere for your event. They can be used to highlight the walls of your venue, as well as illuminating a staircase or walkway for guests. These lights can be set to a specific color using the on-board digital display, and they will “remember” that color even when unplugged.

100% Wireless DMX uplight, battery powered & no led flood lights cables needed to operate. Perfect for wash light effect on the wall, under tables, balloons, flower walls, hedge walls, logos etc. 9 powerful leds RGBWA+UV for super bright color wash lighting & uplighting.

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