May 25, 2024

Top 5 Stage Lighting Suppliers

Whether it’s a play, musical, concert or worship service, lighting is crucial to making a production visually engaging. Choosing the right lights can transform an average performance into something memorable.

Look for stage lights that are easy to set up and operate, with straightforward instructions. This will reduce downtime and ensure smooth operations.


Vari-Lite is the originator of moving lights and remains at the forefront of automated lighting technology. Their innovative products help lighting designers create unforgettable performances that capture audiences’ imaginations and emotions. Their technical creative soul is built on the belief that innovative engineering can bring a new dimension to any performance.

The VL5 responded to calls from entertainment lighting designers for simpler, lighter and (above all) cheaper moving head spot luminaires that did not require a proprietary console to operate. It could be controlled with either Series 200 or DMX512 data via the use of smart repeater units.

SGM Light

SGM Light produces a variety of LED lighting fixtures designed for the entertainment and architectural industry. Its products are known for their impressive brightness and versatile control options. They are also built to withstand demanding environments and withstand rigorous use.

SGM Light has one of the best R&D teams in the world. Their focus on long term reliability and cutting-edge technology has resulted in a range of products that help visionary lighting designers tell their stories through light, and generate value for rental companies and installers.

CHAUVET Professional

CHAUVET Professional offers a wide selection of lighting products. Its team is experienced and knowledgeable, and their products are reliable and durable. They are also easy to use, making them an excellent choice for both amateurs and professionals. However, they can be a bit expensive.

The company designs leading lighting and control entertainment essentials under seven brands: CHAUVET DJ, Ovation, ILUMINARC, ChamSys, Kino Flo, LynTec, and TRUSST. They are all built around the core tenets of value, innovation, and performance.

High End Systems

The High End Systems brand specializes in lighting, control, and atmospheric products for stage and entertainment productions. Their DMX Controllers are industry-preferred for their programming efficiency and ease of use, and their moving lights offer punchy beams and saturated washes to elevate the show. Their SolaPix family of wash fixtures is bright enough to envelop an entire ballroom or tradeshow floor, but with a narrow zoom and fully macro/pixel-controlled face for stunning looks. They also have a range of short-throw, medium-throw and long-throw ellipsoidals that add depth to any rig. Their Halcyon Platinum and Titanium families of asymmetrical strobes have multiple gobos, colours, framing shutters and other features that are a perfect fit for rental houses and theatres.


ETC (Electronic Theater Control) has been manufacturing lighting and rigging technology since 1975, starting with a college student’s bold promise to build a better lighting console. From there, it grew into an international company that employs more than 1,200 valued employees across 16 corporate offices worldwide.

From the smallest to the largest venues, ETC offers solutions that meet Stage Lighting Supplier any need. Their Unison Paradigm(tm) lighting control system is powerful and flexible enough for any application; touchpanels, elegant wall stations and advanced control via apps offer a simple user interface for the most experienced users while occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, time scheduling and integration with building systems make it easy to save energy, budget and personnel.

American DJ

American DJ is a top-notch stage lighting supplier that offers reliable equipment and technical innovation. Their products are designed to be user-friendly, making them perfect for performers of any skill level.

A lighting designer will also use the lights to control the mood. They might use bright, warm colors for happy scenes in a play, or cool colors to evoke sad emotions in a song.

SGM Light has a rich heritage in visual technology and is one of the most established stage lighting brands on the market. Their high-quality products are used by professionals all over the world. Their dedication to sustainability sets them apart from the rest.

Martin Professional

Lighting professionals have many different options to choose from when selecting the best stage lighting equipment. From innovative LED fixtures to advanced control systems, the leading brands offer a variety of solutions that will illuminate any stage.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Denmark, Martin is the world leader of dynamic lighting solutions for the entertainment, architectural, and commercial sectors. It offers a broad range of lighting and video products, along with advanced lighting controllers and smoke machines.

The company’s outdoor Martin LED lighting systems have been showcased at Super Bowl XLVII, live performances by Paul McCartney and Coldplay, and the latest Broadway and West End led moving head light musicals. Its MAC Viper and MAC Quantum families are among the most popular models in its product line.


When it comes to lighting for stage performances, there are many different manufacturers to choose from. Each one has its own unique offerings, but all of them share a commitment to quality and durability. These companies make products that are used by professionals around the world, from large outdoor concerts to small clubs and venues.

CHAUVET Professional is a top manufacturer of high-quality lighting fixtures for stages and events. They use advanced technology to create innovative lighting solutions for all types of situations. They also offer comprehensive support services and a wide range of accessories to help you get the most out of your lighting setup.

ADJ Lighting

ADJ Lighting is known for its reliable equipment and technical innovation. Its huge catalog of intelligent DMX moving heads, sound-activated club effects, gobo projectors, revolutionary LED lighting, fog and special effect machines and device-based lighting controls offers something for every rig!

ADJ fixtures are used by disc jockeys and mobile entertainers, as well as nightclubs, theatre productions, television and broadcast, cruise ships, houses of worship and architectural applications. Its products are also used by top musicians and bands for their concerts and touring shows.

At Full Compass, we offer a variety of ADJ stage lighting packages for different sized rigs. These can help you save money by buying a bundle of equipment that fits your needs! We also carry a range of lighting accessory items to enhance your rig and make set up and travel easier.

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