May 25, 2024

Top Stage Lighting Suppliers

Lighting is an important aspect of stage performances. It sets the mood and can take a performance to new heights. It is also used to enhance visual effects, such as fading or slowing the lights.

Choosing the right Stage Lighting Supplier is important for event planners and production managers. This article reviews top suppliers and highlights their strengths, product offerings, and unique selling points.

CHAUVET Professional

CHAUVET Professional designs production-grade lighting fixtures that meet the rigorous demands of the touring market and offer durable performance for permanent installations. CHAUVET DJ innovates impactful lighting and pioneering control technologies that enable mobile performers, events and venues to create synchronized light shows with the press of a button.

CHAUVET’s Ovation Reve E-3 is the brightest LED ellipsoidal that offers true tunable whites, allowing users to emulate a traditional 750W tungsten source. The company also manufactures a full line of lightweight, rugged trussing products and presentation accessories.

American DJ

American DJ offers a number of products to suit a variety of venues and performances. Their DMX moving head lighting and club effects, gobo projectors, and revolutionary LED lighting fixtures offer performers, DJs, and venue owners and managers the tools to create captivating visual experiences for audiences everywhere.

Multiple reviewers recommend this company for weddings, particularly for their professionalism and ability to fulfill song requests. They also praised their high-energy music and impressive lighting equipment. They are well-known for their affordable pricing and attention to detail.

Martin Professional

Martin Professional provides fog machines, disco lights, LED lights and effect lighting systems. The Company also offers lighting controllers, power ports and architectural lights. Martin Professional serves customers worldwide.

Martin MAC One empowers creative expression for experts, rental companies, and event organizers in stadium-sized entertainment productions, TV shows, theatre and high-end nightlife venues. It delivers an impactful 6000K white light and advanced color mixing with the full spectrum from subtle to rich saturated colors. The RUSH MH Stage Lighting Supplier 6 Wash CT is designed for key lighting applications in House of Worship and Performing Arts environments.


Elation provides lighting and effects products for clubs, mobile entertainers, bands, theatre productions, houses of worship, TV shows, corporate AV and architectural applications. Their innovative award-winning products like the Proteus series of IP65-rated outdoor moving heads, Artiste line of creative LED moving head luminaires and Smarty Series with FLEX lamp technology set new efficiency and performance standards for the industry.

They also offer an extensive range of DMX controllers and stage/dimmer console packs to elevate any show. Elation is committed to delivering superior quality and outstanding customer support.

Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard Lighting offers a wide range of high-quality LED lighting fixtures to suit any event. Full Compass is thrilled to carry their cutting edge products including their ERS, Fresnel, Profile, and PAR can stage lighting fixtures.

The Mikrokassette is part of the Mixtape Series line of affordable & high-quality lighting effects. It features RGBW color mixing, speed controllable jump & fade programs, and auto & sound active modes. Its incredibly bright 30W white LED light engine offers stunning optics and is controllable via 9/11-channels of DMX.


Prolights offers a wide variety of stage lighting products and services. Its customer service is excellent, but its prices can be high.

Lighting designers use a range of techniques to illuminate the stage, from wash to backlighting. Wash lighting casts a wide swath of light across the stage, while backlighting focuses on performers. A lighting engineer can use diffusion material to soften the beam, or barndoors to shape it and prevent certain areas from being illuminated. This allows the audience to focus on the performers’ expressions and costumes.

DTS Lighting

DTS Lighting designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes a variety of lighting effects. They are committed to improving lighting culture and training, driving innovation, and promoting personal growth and entrepreneurial spirit.

DTS will showcase their products at LDI this year, including Synergy 7, an innovative moving fresnel wash with superior colour representation. Their other product lines include the Scena and Profilo series.

DTS also offers advanced design tools and automation systems, operated by a highly skilled and continuously trained staff. Ask around here for more information. DTS will respond to you quickly and completely.


Discover the full suite of luminaires and lighting control products that enable technical directors to create spectacular rock and roll shows, events, and houses of worship.

Featuring a compact form factor with professional-grade features, VL800 delivers high output framing profile and signature Vari-Lite smooth movement in an affordable solution for education performance spaces.

Philips Selecon

The Acclaim PC is a general purpose light with superior control and light quality. It delivers a clean ‘punchy’ beam which is easily blended with adjacent beams for even area illumination.

UK technical specialist Ritchie Reed explains “The response to the new PL RGB Striplight and Wing LED Cyc Light at PLASA Focus has been very positive. We’re getting a steady stream of enquiries.”

Network 10 lighting designer Pete Koole added ten Philips Selecon PLprofile1 luminaires and four PLcyc1 LED luminaires to his traditional tungsten rig for macabre led moving head light musical The Addams Family. The resulting combination gave him the flexibility to shift from delicate to flamboyant in an instant.


Using innovative technology and a dedication to quality, Vorlane offers top-of-the-line lighting solutions that will make your next event memorable. Their team is also dedicated to sustainability, creating LED lighting products that can reduce power consumption and save you money.

The perfect complement to any sofa, bed, or bench, this pillow set elevates any space with intricate, eye-catching appeal. Its neutral colors blend seamlessly with any color scheme and add a unique touch to your home decor. It’s also made from high-quality materials and is affordable without sacrificing style.

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