June 15, 2024

LED Follow Spot Lights

Follow spot lights illuminate actors while they move across the stage. The bright circle they emit also illuminates sets, cycloramas and other scenery.

Ushio’s Sai-500 is a lightweight, medium-throw LED followspot. Its 5800K color temperature shows costumes and backdrops as they were meant to be portrayed. DMX integration makes Theater spot lights it easy to control the colors, intensity and onboard strobe effect from a lighting board.

Extremely fast electronic strobe

Follow spots are key to any soundstage. They highlight actors at great distances and add a focus and sharpness that is often missing in smaller spaces. They also allow lighting designers to create unique effects and ad flair to any show. With this in mind, the Ushio Sai-300 is a short and medium throw LED follow spot that delivers a powerful daylight white beam that lights costumes and backdrops with ease. This workhorse spotlight can be controlled from its buttons on the back or with a DMX controller for more precise control.

This LED-powered followspot features a 75-watt white LED for a hardedge, focused beam. It has no moving parts for silent operation and includes a built-in CTO filter to lower the color temperature to match tungsten fixtures. It has a mechanical iris to reduce the diameter of the beam and is easy to set up and tear down thanks to an included tripod. It also offers LED dimming from 0 to 100% for smooth professional fading, and single gobo slot to project crisp patterns on any surface.

This light is a great addition to any theater production and can be used in conjunction with other lighting and special effects to add excitement. It can be operated manually or with a DMX controller, and features multiple control modes such as sound activated, manual, master/slave, and automated program.

Super smooth LED dimming

Whether in the theatre, arena or 3 in 1 moving head light concert hall great lighting is essential to a true performance. The Ushio Sai-500 LED follow spot is a powerful medium throw spotlight featuring 5800K color temperature that shows costumes and backdrops as they were meant to be seen. It is lightweight enough for one person to handle and features step-less electronic dimming.

The Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST comes with a tripod making set up and tear down only a few seconds. The 75-watt white LED provides a hardedged, focused beam and silent operation. Its ultra-fast electronic strobe, super smooth LED dimming and single gobo slot make it the ideal follow spot for any theater venue.

Single gobo slot

Featuring one GOBO slot, variable electronic and mechanical iris, variable focus and framing shutters, this followspot provides a valuable lighting tool for a variety of applications such as scenic backdrops, retail environment showcases, DJ’s, production environments or any application that calls for a LEKO/ellipsoidal spot without breaking the bank. This fixture can be controlled via DMX, the wireless UC IR remote or the included GOBO app. Includes a free textured glass GOBO and multiple metal gobos are also available.

Easy to set up and tear down, this portable LED-powered follow spot offers DMX or manual controls to suit any performance. It features a 75-watt white LED for a hardedge, focused beam and offers super smooth LED dimming to make professional fading a breeze. The extremely fast electronic strobe keeps noise to a minimum with no moving parts, and the single gobo slot projects crisp patterns onto any surface.

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