June 15, 2024

Top Stage Lighting Suppliers at Pro-Light and Sound

Lighting is a crucial part of any event. It can set the mood and create a sense of ambiance that makes your production unforgettable.

Selecting the right stage lighting suppliers is essential for ensuring that your performance is visually captivating. This article explores the top brands in the industry, including their strengths, product offerings, and unique selling points.

Philips Selecon

Philips Selecon has a number of new products at this year’s Pro-Light and Sound show. The company is showcasing the LED Rama Fresnel, which provides an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge and can be easily blended with adjacent beams for even illumination. The light also offers a high output with minimal power consumption, making it an ideal replacement for energy hungry conventional luminaires.

Network 10 Lighting Director Pete Koole used a range of Selecon LED Fresnels and Pacific Ellipsoidals for his news studio refurbishment in Sydney, Australia. These instruments are cool to the touch and can accept standard color gobos, which means that no additional heat shielding or specialised gobos are required.


Vari-Lite offers a complete line of advanced LED luminaires, control, and power solutions for Stage Lighting Supplier entertainment lighting designers, consultants, producers, and venues. The company’s products are used to illuminate rock and roll concerts, sporting events, dramatic performances, and spiritual worship experiences.

The VL7 was not a long-lived design and despite the vaunted spec sheet, early unreliability and high maintenance costs, were rarely seen on stage (it became a common practical joke amongst non-Vari-lite crew to renumber random VL7’s).

The VL3 was designed to complement the VL5, as a wash luminaire for larger areas of a stage with softer-edged beams than that of spot luminaires. It was the first Series 300 luminaire that could be controlled by either Series 200 data or DMX512 data, via a Smart Repeater unit.


Chauvet offers a complete range of lighting products, including LED wash lights, strobes, backlights and pinspots. Their LED fixtures are incredibly energy efficient and provide superior brightness. They’re also easy to operate and durable.

The company’s brands include CHAUVET DJ, KINO FLO and TRUSST. CHAUVET DJ designs production-grade lighting fixtures for touring performers and events as well as innovative control technologies that enable mobile performers to create synchronized light shows at the touch of a button.

CHAUVET’s products are designed and manufactured in-house with a steadfast focus on value, innovation and performance. Their products are trusted by many of the world’s top lighting designers. CHAUVET also provides outstanding customer service.

High End Systems

High End Systems is based in Austin, TX and represents one of the most powerful entertainment lighting manufacturers worldwide. They are a pioneer in LED automated and digital lighting, and produce industry-preferred DMX controllers for touring applications. Their products are used in film and television studios, cruise ships, amusement parks, corporate events, churches, and restaurants. Featuring punchy beams, saturated washes, and spectacular effects, their moving lights help elevate productions. Their Hog consoles are built around the way you work and designed for programming efficiency. They are the preferred choice of professional lighting designers across the globe. Our trained Full Compass experts are here to help you find the right solution for your needs.

DTS Lighting

DTS Lighting focuses on designing, engineering, manufacturing and distributing lighting products and effects for entertainment and architectural installations. They offer advanced design tools and automation systems to ensure their customers are able to achieve their vision.

Their latest innovation in the entertainment line, Alchemy 7, is a wash moving fresnel that provides exceptional color representation. This is the perfect choice for theater and TV/film applications.

DTS also offers innovative LEDs and other lighting technologies to help you create a more beautiful space. These products can provide accurate and consistent colors while reducing energy costs. They also provide glare-free light fields and easy to maneuver controls for your convenience.


HyLite offers innovative and cost-effective Energy Conservation lighting products that deliver optimal performance. Their products are ideal for government, commercial, industrial, and outdoor lighting applications. They are designed to replace conventional lighting technologies such as Incandescent, Metal Halide, High-Pressure Sodium, and Mercury Vapor.


Hylite provides the Services “as is” and without any warranty of any kind, express or implied. To the extent permitted by law, Hylite excludes all warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, quality, fit for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. This includes any damages incurred by Customer as a result of using the Services. The built-in alarm is triggered when the water purity falls below setpoint. The green and red LEDs continuously display the quality status of the water.

Martin Professional

Martin makes products that illuminate the world’s diverse stages and structures. Their dynamic lighting systems have been showcased at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, during live performances by rock bands like the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney, and on stage for Broadway and West End musicals. They also offer LED video products, innovative lighting control solutions and atmospheric smoke machines.

Martin is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark. The company employs 272 people. Zippia provides detailed employment information, including salaries, political affiliations, and more. Its data is based on self-reported by employees or estimated based on public and private sources.


Vorlane offers a variety of stage lighting products to suit led moving head light any event. They specialize in supplying the equipment that DJs and other entertainers need to create stunning visual effects. They can also provide advice on how to best use their products.

The company’s high-quality products are used by professionals around the world. Its LED lighting is especially popular because of its energy efficiency and long lifespan. The company’s products are designed with the user in mind and are easy to use. Its focus on quality and service has helped it become one of the top-rated stage lighting brands. Its lighting options include fresnels, PARs, and ellipsoidals. Each can be used for general color or with lighting gels to create a specific look.

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