July 21, 2024

LED Snap Frame Light Boxes

Snap frame LED light boxes can be used in a variety of ways. They have a simple design that makes them easy to change. You simply snap the frame open, replace your poster or graphics and then close it again.

Illuminated frames are great for displaying movie posters, glossy fliers and other advertising. They are also useful in retail stores, corporate facilities and other eye-catching locations.


Illuminated light boxes are a great option for retail, office, museums and other businesses. They provide a more attractive look to your business, and can be customized for your specific needs. These displays can be used for movie posters, product display, and other promotional materials. They can be installed on a wall or freestanding. They are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. You can even choose a dimmer to control the brightness of the LED lights in your theater room.

You can also opt for a frameless light box that allows your poster to stretch to the edge of the extrusion, giving it a frameless appearance. This style of light box is popular in stores that sell clothing and shoes. It is a great way to attract customers and increase sales. You can also find a variety of LED light box frames that are made to fit different posters and photos. Some models are designed to hold up to 48 x 96 inches of printed material, making them perfect for large graphics.

Snap frame LED light boxes are a quick and easy way to change your backlit graphic transparency. They are designed with a front-opening silver frame that snaps open and closed to allow easy graphic changes. They include energy-efficient LEDs, wall mounting clips, and a clear protective lens. They are an excellent choice for retail, restaurant and shopping malls, corporate facilities, theatres, hotels, sports and entertainment centers, transportation stations, government agencies, and military bases.


LED Snap Frame Light Boxes are a durable form of illuminated advertising and are perfect for business signage display tools. They have a slim design and come with a transparent protective lens to protect your poster or sign from dust and other external influences. These frames are also budget-friendly and easy to change. Simply unfold the frame rails and remove the thin protective overlay to insert your new poster or sign material.

These frames are ideal for permanent retail environments, corporate offices and eye-catching tradeshow graphics. They have an etched acrylic panel that bounces light off a white reflective backer to showcase your posters and graphics led snap frame light box brightly. They are available in standard sizes and come with wall mounting hardware. The frame edges are a smooth and glossy silver finish, with an edge-lit LED lighting strip to highlight your poster or graphic.

LED snap frames are a versatile solution for many different applications, including restaurant menus and programmes, information boards in schools and colleges, and even noticeboards. They provide excellent illumination and can be used as a cost-effective alternative to traditional paper displays. They are easily changed, and their bright colours attract attention to your messages, ensuring that they are seen. They are also environmentally friendly and have a long life span, making them an excellent choice for illuminated advertising.


Light boxes are stylish, easy to use, and a great way to display your favorite movie posters. They look like oversized picture frames and can be mounted on walls or in a store window. They’re also a great choice for offices, hotels, airports, and transit stations. This type of lighted poster display is often made with aluminum, and the frame can be customized to fit any size or color you need.

The back of the light box features an acrylic diffuser panel that helps ensure homogeneous illumination. The frame is then wrapped in a clear cover sheet, and the whole unit is backed by a UL-listed 24v power supply. The result is a highly durable product that works well with Duratranse graphics and is easy to install.

A dimmer is included with these light boxes to help you control the brightness of your home frameless fabric light box theater display. While this may add to the cost, it is worth the extra money to keep your cinema room comfortable and create a warm ambiance.

LED lighted snap open frames are stocked items that ship in 1-2 days to your location. They’re used in restaurants and bars, retail environments, museums and historical sites, hotels and casinos, airports, and transportation stations. They’re also popular in healthcare and medical centers, corporate offices and facilities, and photography studios.

Easy to change

Easily change posters and signs with LED snap frames. These slim illuminated poster displays feature an edge-lit diffusing panel that supports homogeneous illumination and a thin 1″ wall depth. They are easy to use and come with clear protective lenses, ready to hang. They also include a non-glare PVC screen to protect your content from external influences and help it stand out against the background.

The aluminum frame rails of this light box snap open and shut to provide a tight and wrinkle-free grip on your poster or sign. This “Snap Frame” framing system makes this lighted poster display a popular choice for numerous interior graphic display applications. It is ideal for quick change signage applications. The front loading poster snap frame can be used horizontally or vertically and comes in several different finishes, including black and silver to fit with any decor. There are even three faux wood finishes for those who prefer a more natural look over metal.

Most LED snap frames are made in standard sizes in China, but you can find North American manufacturers that make custom-sized frames, including those that will accommodate a movie poster. To keep your electricity bills down, choose a dimmable light box that will allow you to control the brightness of the LED lights. This will also save you money on replacement bulbs.

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