June 15, 2024

Ultra Thin LED Light Box

Use this sleek light box for tracing art, photos or sketches. Its slim, lightweight design makes it easy to carry and take anywhere!

Ultra thin frames less than an inch thick make backlit graphics appear weightless. With front-loading capabilities, graphics can be changed in under a minute. This snap frame light box is an ideal choice for retail and promotional displays.


Unlike traditional light boxes that use fluorescent tubes, LED panels provide brighter and more consistent illumination. The panels also consume less energy, which helps reduce costs and environmental impact. They are also easy to maintain and provide more durability than other light box options.

The brightness of an ultra thin led light box is a major factor in its effectiveness. It is important to choose a light box that has a high enough output to accurately illuminate your graphics and highlight shadow areas without overpowering them. This is especially important with tracing, where you need to be able to see the fine details of the pattern or transparency you’re transferring onto your applique pieces.

A quality ultra thin LED light box will have an optimal color temperature of 5500K and a CRI of 95 or higher. These features help your graphics stand out in a bright and colorful way and make them easier to read.

The LED light box is also extremely lightweight, allowing it to easily hang from any fixture. This is a great option for retail environments that require unique placements where a standard wall mount won’t work. The snap frame opening on the side of the light box makes graphic changes easy. The process is simple and only takes minutes. Replacing a backlit poster can be done in under a minute by simply opening the frame edges, removing the existing image, and then snapping the poster frame edges closed.


UL listed and ADA compliant, this super slim light box features LED back-lit lighting that enhances duratrans graphics and other backlit signage. Its ultra-thin frame is less than one inch ultra thin led light box deep and practically lays flat on the wall, making it easy to mount. It also offers a front-loading design that allows you to swap out your graphics in under a minute.

The ultra-thin LED snap frame lightbox is an elegant, modern display solution. The frame’s slender profile makes it ideal for wall mounting in high-traffic areas and smaller spaces. These frames feature a snap open and snap shut technology that enables you to change out your backlit graphic inserts quickly. Simply “snap” the frame edges open, remove the existing graphic, and then “snap” the poster frame edges closed.

A sleek and slender aluminum frame makes these light boxes perfect for retail stores, restaurants, or any space that needs to display graphics. The lightweight frame can easily be transported and mounted with a variety of mounting options. The aluminum frame is also durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your signs will last for years.

These LED panel light boxes are ideal for a wide range of applications, including Stenciling, 2D Animation, Calligraphy, Scrapbooking, movie theater poster light box Tattoo Transferring, Sketching & Drawing, Sewing Projects, Stained Glass and Quilting. They are also extremely portable and easy to carry in a bag, backpack or portfolio.


Slim light boxes are a versatile display solution that can be used across a variety of environments. They feature a sleek, contemporary design that draws shoppers’ attention to the showcased content. They also utilize LED lighting to deliver optimal illumination for enhanced visuals and a high-definition appearance.

These illuminated menu displays are lightweight and durable, allowing them to be mounted virtually anywhere. They can be hung from the ceiling using nylon line hanging kits or placed on walls using wall mounting fasteners.

The ultra-thin led light box’s sleek, modern frame design features an extruded aluminum component that adds durability and visual appeal to the overall design. The LED lighting is positioned throughout the frame, delivering bright, uniform illumination. This allows customers to read text or graphics clearly, and reduces eye strain.

Our LED lightboxes are a great way to show off your business’ latest designs or promotions. The frames feature a snap-open, snap-shut poster change system that makes it easy to replace or update graphics. They also feature a clear plastic cover that sits on top of the display for added protection.

The super-slim, lightweight LED light box for art is an ideal tracing tool for artists and designers. It can be easily transported in a bag, backpack or portfolio. It has an adjustable brightness setting and comes with 10 tracing sheets to get you started.


There are a variety of different customization options for your led light box, including the color, brightness and size. These options make the light box more versatile, and also give it a more attractive appearance. You can even have a custom logo printed on it, making your light box unique. In addition, a customized led light box is less expensive than traditional lights.

These backlit light boxes use LED lighting to highlight the posters or other content in your display, providing bright and even illumination while saving energy costs over time. They are a great solution for retail spaces, hospitality establishments and trade shows, as well as corporate offices. The LED bulbs used in these frames last longer than fluorescent lights, and are much thinner than traditional light panel displays.

Unlike EL panels that emit a blueish glow, these light boxes use a white LED lighting to create a more natural and vibrant appearance. They also have a higher color temperature, which makes them more visible in low lighting environments.

These lightweight LED light boxes are easy to install and feature a snap open, snap shut frame for fast graphic changes. They can be mounted in portrait or landscape formats, and include a built-in power supply, low glare cover and suspension kit. They are also a good choice for mounting on glass surfaces.

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