May 25, 2024

5 in 1 Spotlight Tips

Create a video that highlights your members in a unique way. Ask a few questions and be sure to capture the individual’s personality and what makes them special.

This employee spotlight video from Delta shows how they support associates in their career growth by providing learning opportunities and training. It also demonstrates their passion Outdoor Wall Washer for the company’s mission and values.

Five-in-One Color Temperatures

Color temperature is the hue of light, measured in Kelvins (K). It has a significant impact on how we feel and function. Understanding it allows you to better select and use lighting solutions that meet your specific needs.

Different lighting needs require different color temperatures. For instance, a warm tone may work well in a spa but would not be suitable for an office environment. Cool toned lighting tends to be more suited for offices and can help increase productivity, while also promoting alertness.

Many LED bulbs come in a range of colors with different Kelvin ratings. Look for this information on the packaging or in the Wiring Harness bulb specifications. A lower color temperature emits a warmer, more relaxing light, while a higher one provides a cooler, more refreshing brightness.

In addition to color temperature, you should pay attention to the amount of blue light a fixture or gel transmits. This type of light has been shown to cause digital eye strain and reduce focus, so choosing an option that limits it is a good idea.

Using different gels is a great way to alter the color temperature of light sources. There are many types of gels available, including CTB (color temperature blue), CTO (color temperature orange), plus green and minus green. Adding gels is easy and effective, but it is important to keep color temperature in mind when selecting them.

Five-in-One Lumens

Lumens are now the key metric in light bulb sales and advertising. Traditionally we have shopped for wattage, but lumens provide a more accurate measure of brightness.

When shopping for work lights you want to be sure the lumens are enough to light up the space or area where you need it most. Generally, higher lumen counts will give you more usable light in a tighter beam angle. This will throw the light farther, and also appear brighter to the eye.

For garages, sheds or other large workspaces a shop light with a high lumen count will be the best choice. These will be plugged in or run on batteries, and can usually be aimed at the project you are working on. However, for true mobile work lighting you may need a smaller battery powered flashlight that can be hung, hooked or wrapped around anything and used to illuminate your project. These will have lower lumens, but can still be very useful to have around the yard or workshop. Many of these work lights are even fueled by solar power for truly portable, hands-free light whenever you need it.

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