May 25, 2024

LED Wash Lights

The bright lights that car wash customers see at night may help their businesses, but they also contribute to light pollution. Experts suggest directing beams downward to cut down on the amount of brightness that hits the ground and bounces into the sky.

Most LED wash lights have DMX control, which allows you to connect them to your lighting rig to create complex and synchronized lighting displays. Some even have sound-activated modes that can react to music or other sounds.

DMX Control

A DMX system uses a series of signals to communicate with light fixtures. These signals are transmitted through a cable to the fixture and then back to the controller. The system uses up to 512 channels to control different functions. The number of channels depends on the setup you need.

The DMX system is very flexible, allowing you to change colors and effects with a console or computer software. You can also use a dimmer or strobe output to change the intensity of your display. It works on a low voltage current and is energy efficient. DMX systems are very popular for architectural lighting and can be used to create unique displays. For example, you can change the facade of your building for a special event or use it in an interior design.

Each light in a DMX system has a specific DMX address. This is known as the DMX universe. A DMX receiver can handle up to 31 light fixtures per universe. These light fixtures can be controlled individually or as a group.

The DMX controller sends a signal to the DMX decoder, which then manages information for each LED. The DMX controller can either be a standalone unit or part of a control panel for live events, such as music shows. It can connect to your LED lights through a 4-pin or 5-pin XLR connector.

Wireless Uplighters

Wireless uplighters are a game-changer, enabling you to transform the look of your event without the need Led Follow spot lights for power outlets. They’re also extremely bright, allowing you to use them as wash lights for walls and other architectural features. They’re easy to set up and use, with an on-board digital display that enables you to easily find your color match. Once set, the lights “remember” their colors even if they’re unplugged.

The battery-operated uplighters conceal well around your venue, enabling you to highlight areas in a wash of color. You can also use them to create a dance floor effect or highlight other scenic elements on stage.


Weatherproof LED wash lights can be used outside to bathe buildings, sidewalks, and other landscape features in a soft glow. These lights are often used by art galleries to highlight paintings, street lighting for town centers, and even as stage lighting. Some LED strip lights are rated at least IP64, which means they can withstand condensation and water sprays but can’t be submerged in water. For damp locations or coastal areas with contact and sprays of saltwater, consider a higher-rated IP67 strip light that can be fully submerged for short periods.

Outdoor wash lights can be cut to size to fit specific applications. When cutting LED strip lights, be sure to follow the designated cut lines and use sharp scissors for clean and precise cuts. Also, disconnect the strip lights from power before making any cuts. Once you’re done cutting, be sure to protect the areas where the strips were cut with silicone coverings or sealed end caps.

LED wash lights are a smart choice for any event because of their long-lasting life and energy efficiency. They use 80% less voltage than halogen-based fixtures, so you’ll save money on your electricity bill. Plus, they led flood lights don’t die when you turn them off like traditional halogen-based fixtures do, so you can get more than 50,000 hours of usable life from them.

Battery Operated

Many of our LED wash lights are battery operated, meaning that they can be used in locations or venues where power sockets may not be available. Some are also weatherproof, giving you the flexibility to use them outdoors as well as indoors.

Battery powered wash lights are an excellent option for mobile entertainers who need a versatile light that they can easily transport and set up. They are ideal for creating a wash of light around the edges of stages, dance floors or bars and come with built-in programs including automatic and sound-active triggers. Our selection includes the EZpar 56, which uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that last up to 20 hours on a single charge. Other options include the COLORstrip, which is equipped with 18 tri-color (RGB) LEDs, a battery life indicator and pre-programmed flash, color chase, sequential color chase and colour mixing modes.

The majority of our battery operated LED wash lights offer DMX connections so that they can be synchronised with other DMX-controlled lighting fixtures. This gives you the ability to program each fixture to produce certain effects and colours at a specific time, which is perfect for stage performance lighting as it allows you to keep all of your lights in sync with one another to create a consistent look. Some lights also feature master/slave synchronisation, which lets you connect multiple units to perform the same effect, colour or show at the same time.

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