May 25, 2024

5 in 1 Spotlight

An employee spotlight is a great way to recognize your staff and show your appreciation. It also helps boost employee retention rates and improve teamwork.

However, when it comes to 5 in 1 spotlight creating these spotlights, the format should be carefully considered. You must make sure the questions are both relevant and engaging.

1. High CRI white

High CRI (Color Rendering Index) LEDs offer accurate definition of true color tones. They can make food, jewelry, or any object stand out and look vividly natural. High CRI lighting is ideal in stores, super-markets, and retail locations where appearance is important.

In contrast, low CRI (Color Rendering Index) light has a less defined effect on the look and feel of objects and can cause them to appear duller and washed out. It’s also a good choice for museums, galleries and exhibits where the quality of the work or artwork is of primary concern.

Our ULTRA High CRI strip lights are perfect for highlighting art, displays, and products in retail settings where the colors of the items need to be truly vibrant. They are also great for coves and stairwells where precise light output is critical. Learn more about the difference between CRI and CCT here. *Note: Lighting times may vary depending on the performance brightness mode selected, the day/ night sensor mode and the solar panel charge state. It is recommended that the solar panel is positioned facing north for optimal performance.


The bright and versatile RGBW color mixing of this fixture makes it a great option for lighting up stair ledges, outdoor patios and hardscape elements. The fixture has an RGB diode and a separate 2,400K white and 6,500K white LED allowing you to create bolder colors than ever before. It’s also DMX controllable allowing the use of the next generation Luxor Controller or traditional low-voltage transformer for unmatched color-changing effects.

Using the 2.4GHz wireless remote/mobile APP you can control your lights with 2 Inch Led Work Light ease, no WiFi iBox required. The APP also gives you access to a variety of lighting modes, including a constant color where one specific color can be locked to stay on at all times.

This is a solar powered light, meaning it’s completely grid-independent and uses a rechargeable battery. To get the best performance, this light needs to be installed in a location that can receive full straight sunlight during daylight hours. Shaded or overcast areas will not allow the lights to charge properly and may reduce their working hours. The battery is rated at 8-12 hours of running time on a full charge.

5. Tungsten

Tungsten (atomic number 74) is an extremely dense metal with the highest melting point and tensile strength of any known element. Pure tungsten is steel-gray to tin white in color and can be worked like most metals—cut, forged, drawn, spun, or extruded. It is attacked only slightly by mineral acids and resists corrosion in most atmospheres. Its thermal expansion is close to that of borosilicate glass, making it an excellent choice for metal-to-glass seals.

Tungsten is usually found in tungsten oxides and compounds such as scheelite (CaWO4, calcium tungstate), wolframite (Fe,Mn)WO4, and huebnerite, MnWO4. It was first isolated as a metal in 1783 by the Spanish chemists Juan Jose and Fausto d’Elhuyar by charcoal reduction of wolframite. Its name derives from the Swedish word tung sten, meaning heavy stone; it is also known as volfram or wolfram in Scandinavia, Germany, and many other European countries.

Peter Woulfe examined a mineral that later became known as wolframite in 1779 and realized it contained a new type of metal, but he didn’t go any further until Wilhelm Scheele in 1781 was able to isolate an acidic white oxide.

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