May 25, 2024

LED Wash Lights

There’s something about moonlight that makes any night feel magical. Exterior lighting helps bring that feeling to your home with a range of options that will illuminate pillars, walls and other aspects of your property.

Many of our LED uplighting wall washers feature DMX connections, which means they can be controlled individually or in a master-slave configuration, to produce different custom effects and colours at any time. This is great for synchronising your lights to create an eye-catching show during a performance.

DMX Control

DMX (Directional Multiplexing) is a digital control system that offers more flexibility than simple LED controllers. Essentially it’s a protocol that allows a lighting controller to send instructions to your lights that tell them what to do and when to do it. DMX is often used for stage lighting and upscale venues that require complex lighting effects.

The first step in a DMX control system is series wiring each fixture to a DMX decoder that will then send the signal to the next fixture. Each fixture will need a unique DMX address that it listens to. Each DMX decoder will have a maximum wattage Led Follow spot lights it can handle before overdrive occurs, so you need to take this into account when planning your lighting design.

The compact Chauvet Obey 3 DMX controller for LED wash lights has three channels and is perfect for someone who’s not looking to invest in an expensive DMX controller but still wants a good level of control over their LED washes. It’s capable of automated, sound-activated or manual playback and has built-in chases and strobe rate settings.

Master/Slave Synchronisation

Most wash lights can be controlled via DMX, allowing them to be part of larger lighting rigs and synchronised to create a wall of light effect. This feature can be particularly useful for large stage productions, where the ability to create a coordinated light show is crucial.

Master/slave chaining can be very simple to set up with compatible fixtures. Simply set one fixture as the master and use a DMX cable to connect it to the rest of the chain. The master then acts as the DMX controller, telling the other lights in the chain what to do.

You can also take this a step further with sound active mode. Using the master/slave setup, you can chain together multiple compatible fixtures in a chase-type sequence, with each fixture following the sound of the music. This can help to make a performance feel more energetic and livelier, without having to manually control each light. This can save a lot of time and hassle and still produce great results.

Colour Options

There’s a huge variety of colours achievable with wash lights thanks to their LED technology. This makes it possible to create led flood lights a rich palette of shades for any mood or event. Some of the options available include RGB, CMY and RGBWA+UV.

Choosing the right colour for your cabin lighting is easy when you use our filters to narrow down the selection. Narrowing down by brand, desired specs, style and price point will help you find the perfect match.

Some models of wash light are designed to work in conjunction with other lighting systems like color changers. This allows you to run automated and sound activated programs that change the brightness of specific colors or set them to strobe to the beat of the music.

Some of our wash lights are also ideal for outdoor lighting as they can be used in combination with a floodlight or two to illuminate larger structures and features. This is especially useful if you have an event in mind that requires some extra lighting for a special effect. Our exterior wash lights are IP20-rated and come with waterproof covers for added peace of mind.

Wireless Uplighters

Wireless LED uplighters can add a huge splash of colour to your venue, without the need for wires or power outlets. They conceal well and are perfect for highlighting architectural features around your event space. They offer 256 levels of dimming for true versatility, and the ability to produce a vast range of colours. With built in automated programs recallable via W-DMX, IR remote and DMX, you can create a stunning event with minimal effort. You can also use them to light up dancefloors and stages, for a truly eye-catching effect.

Our rental lights are charged prior to delivery so they’re ready to go.


If you want to create stunning lighting effects for building outlines, bridges or other large structures, these LED wall wash lights are a great option. They are powerful enough to illuminate any space, while providing uniform indirect lighting that will enhance and brighten specific areas of your landscape design.

They use 80% less voltage than halogen bulbs and have an impressive life expectancy of 50,000 hours. They can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet, and the ilumenight app allows you to easily change the color of your lights for any occasion, from Valentine’s Day to Halloween.

Vapor proof fixtures are sealed from the elements, making them an ideal choice for ceiling mount applications such as portes-cocheres, covered car overhangs and wash bays. These fixtures can be used indoors or out and will withstand harsh cleaning chemicals, water sprays, dust and moisture. For exterior car wash lighting, look for lights that are IP65 rated to provide protection from condensation and water splashes. Secure any cut areas with silicone coverings or end caps to keep your lights in good condition for the long term.

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