May 25, 2024

LED Wash Lights

The majority of the LED wash lights in our range come with DMX connections, which allow you to connect multiple units and control them all to perform the same effect or colour at the same time. This is ideal for larger stage productions or lighting up venues and events with more than one light fixture.

DMX Control

A popular choice with entertainers and event planners, DMX control lets you run your lights through automated programs or sync them to the beat of the music. It’s even used for large scale lighting projects like arena concerts and stadium lighting.

DMX stands for Digital Multiplex, and it sends data signals through a cable to your fixtures. It can carry up to 512 channels, each of which can perform a different function. DMX is commonly used for theatrical and event lighting, but it’s also found in home and commercial settings.

To use DMX, you’ll need a controller that can send control messages to your LEDs. This can be a standalone unit or a piece of software that plugs into your computer. Most manufacturers offer their own software for controlling a DMX system, but you can also use free programs such as SoundSwitch or Luminair to manage your lights.

Each fixture has a unique address that determines how it reacts to your DMX commands. You’ll set the address on your light by following the instructions in its user manual or by using a search engine. Once you’ve set the address, you can match it to a channel in SoundSwitch by double-clicking the fixture.

If your fixture requires more than four channels, you can still use the same controller to control it, but you’ll need to assign it to a different starting address. For example, if your first light needs three channels, program it on DMX Channel 1, while your second light will need channel 17.

Master/Slave Synchronisation

Many LED wash lights come with master/slave synchronisation so that you can create coordinated lighting patterns with multiple fixtures. All you have to do is set one fixture as the master and daisy-chain them together with DMX cables (Light 1 Out Led wash lights to Light 2 In, Light 2 Out to Light 3 In, and so on). The master will tell the other fixtures what to do, creating a synchronized lighting show. This is perfect for simple setups that don’t require a professional DMX controller.

You can also use master/slave synchronisation with sound-activated and automated modes. Just be careful to not mix DMX mode and master/slave on the same wire topology. If you put a fixture in master/slave mode on the same data wire as a DMX mode fixture, they will not work.

LED wash lights with master/slave synchronisation are a great option for mobile entertainers. They are easy to set up and provide a great lighting effect for any event. The LED chips in these fixtures are high-powered, meaning they produce a brighter light that can cover large areas. They also have a long projection distance, making them ideal for large indoor venues. They also offer a variety of color configurations, including RGBW, RGBWA+UV, and CMY. Choose the color configuration that best suits your needs and venue. In addition to their versatility, they are also energy efficient and durable.

Wireless Uplighters

Uplighters are a key component in any venue design as they can transform any room or outdoor space into a visually captivating environment. They are essentially wash lights that are placed on the floor and aimed upwards to add a wash of color to walls, curtains or architectural features.

Battery powered wireless uplights have been around for a few years now and they offer much more flexibility than standard wired options. This is because they do not require a power connection so there are no messy cables occupying the floorspace. This can free up more floorspace for the dancefloor or simply reduce tripping hazards.

Typically, these battery powered units have an on-board digital display to allow you to easily set the color of each light. The LED uplights will then’remember’ that color and will automatically reset to the original setting once unplugged.

Most of the time, these lights can be controlled from a dmx controller or console via a master/slave synchronization feature. This allows the main fixture to control all other fixtures in the ‘chain’ by selecting a colour option or a specific fade or strobe.

The battery uplights can also be switched on and off remotely using an IR remote, which is ideal for those that are short on dmx knowledge or do not wish to rent a dmx controller for the day. Just make sure that you give yourself enough time to charge up the lights before the event starts.


A powerful fixture, the LED wall wash light provides uniform indirect lighting that will brighten and enhance specific or large areas. The DMX512 controllable RGB or RGBW color options help you achieve stunning lighting effects for outdoor building outlines or bridge lighting projects. The waterproof IP grade of the fixture enables use in damp locations and protection against dust, steam, splashes and even temporary submersion.

As an excellent backup plan to main stage lighting, wash lights provide a soft-edged, mood-enhancing bath of light over a small area. This quality makes them a good choice for art galleries Forklift Tricolor Rear Light to emphasize paintings or even for street lights. Some LED wash lights even offer panning, zooming and tilting capabilities for added dynamic effects on stage.

Vapor Tight Fixtures

For applications in car washes where moisture, harsh chemicals and direct water sprays are common, vapor tight fixtures may be the best choice. Designed to mount directly to ceilings, they are sealed from the elements and can operate smoothly in a variety of overhead applications including porte-cocheres, covered vehicle overhangs and car wash bays.

These dependable and well-crafted light fixtures are also an easy way to add fun seasonal flair to your landscape or outdoor event space. Using an app like ilumenight, you can change the colors to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Halloween and more – all with minimal effort.

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